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The Galloped Era Episode 17

Chang Hanqing and Jin Shuang decided to get a marriage certificate. In the middle of the night, Jin Shen was hiding in the bed and seriously wrote the marriage report. Chang Hanqing also carefully applied for the application in his study room. The two young and enthusiastic hearts were close together. The next day, Feng Shigao saw Jin’s splendid marriage application. He decided to consider the class composition of the two people.

In the morning, Chang Hankun was eating at home. Feng Shiga let her meet in the past and talked about the fact that the country is now tightening its economic thrift. Feng Shigao forced Chang Hankun to give up high salaries and high interest subsidies at the meeting. Chang Hanqing felt unfair, despite Jin brilliantly gave him a wink, Chang Hanqing still spoke at the meeting that the country let senior intellectuals return to China, let them use their knowledge for national construction, and have ensured that their quality of life will not change in advance, now Wu Factory When he was on a business trip, it was unfair for him to arbitrarily take the initiative. Feng Shigai was so angry that he took a table and immediately decided to remove all the duties of Chang Hanqing and stop all the work in his hands.

Although Chang Hankun gave up high salaries and subsidies, Feng Shigao still did not revoke his orders. Chang Hanqing carefully wrote the review report in accordance with the splendid slogan of Jin. Feng Shigao did not grasp the handle and was not willing to give up this. He went directly to the workshop where he usually worked to investigate the situation. He first asked Yao Huaimin whether he had heard of Chang Hanqing’s extreme political remarks on weekdays. Yao Huaimin immediately said that his otitis was committed and could not understand clearly. Feng Shigao asked Chen Kai to speak. Chen Kai shunned the light and said that Chang Hanqing had talked about the foreign girl’s blue-eyed big ass. The workshop sneered and Feng Shigao immediately interrupted him. At this time, some workers reported that the central reporters came, and they wanted to interview the heroes in the workshop. Feng Shigao quickly reminded Jin Jin to prepare for the media. Chen Kai’s enlightenment and Da Yi just let Bai Manning look at each other.

Jin Xing faced the media rarely talked about his heroic deeds. He shunned the weight and said that Chang Hanqing played a key role in the technical breakthrough of electric locomotives. She took out the American anti-tank mines that were demolished next to the railroads. Tell the reporter that this kind of mine is an American mine. If it is touched, it will explode. People around him will lose their bones. At that time, Chang Hanqing completely ignored his own safety. He chose the interests of the country and the people calmly for the train without accident. The splendid description of Jin made the reporter feel the general situation and sacrifice spirit of Chang Hanqing at that critical moment. They all recognized Chang Hanqing.

Hearing that Jin Hui said that her credit was only killing two traitors at the time, but Chang Hanqing’s credit was to increase the speed of China’s entire electric locomotive by ten times. The reporter unanimously proposed to interview Chang Hanqing, Feng Shigao had no choice. Let White Manning go to Chang Hanqing. Chang Hankun is holding his brother’s office building downstairs, and Bai Manning is excited to tell Chang Hankun. The reporters want to interview the hero model Chang Hanqing. As long as the reporters are strong, Chang Hanqing will be fine. of! Chang Hankun was very excited to hear the news. He heard that this was a reporter from the Central Committee. She immediately called the factory manager Wu.

The factory manager told her that she did not know the Central Reporter. This is Jinshuang. The idea, and only gold is brilliant, it has such a big skill.
Wu’s words made Chang Hankun’s mood complicated. When he saw his brother’s birth and death several times, he had a golden splendid help to save the danger. She asked her brother to ask Jin to come home to eat. Seeing that my sister’s attitude has finally changed, Chang Hanqing is very happy that he immediately told this good news to splendid.

Jin Xing went to Feng Shigao and asked if her application for the marriage report was approved. Feng Shigao advised her to think again. She is a young woman or a heroine. The future political future is immeasurable. Jin Liang said that he only married Chang Hanqing in this life, and told Feng Shigao that as long as she approved her marriage application, she would give up the opportunity to be promoted to the factory manager.

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