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The Galloped Era Episode 16

Chang Hanqing has already told Jin Xuan that she is such a younger brother. She would rather not marry her brother for the rest of her life. She would rather die than let her brother marry her. Gold splendid finally know Chang Han Kun attitude, she did not quite understand Hanqing often been described to send her attitude. Chang Hanqing woke up to see that his alarm clock was turned off. He was very angry. He knew that his sister would be stalked from it, so he advised his sister not to participate in the feelings of him and Jin. Chang Hankun still obsessed and told her to let her Ignore my brother’s love, it is a fantasy. Chang Hanqing personally ran to find a golden splendid explanation, and also explained with the cup that his sister gave him medicine. He did not deliberately renege on his words.
Worried that he could not achieve the expected results, Chang Hankun went to Feng Shigao to let him pursue the golden splendor, and also showed his enthusiasm to the golden splendid. Chang Hanqing’s words made Feng Shigao decide to confess.

The successful commissioning of the Baocheng Railway allowed the director to decide to open the next breakthrough plan. Chang Hanqing disagreed with the stereotype. He felt that the Chinese locomotive is still in the imitation stage, and the technical problems have not yet broken. Now it is more necessary to sink. , continue to innovate technology. Feng Shiga disagreed. He felt that the speed of the locomotive now represents the speed of China’s development. It can’t be stagnant and slack for a while. The two people began to have controversy and their opinions. The factory manager stopped their dispute and decided to discuss this issue next time.

Chang Hanqing’s open opposition to qualitative issues has caused dissatisfaction among other workers. It has only been possible to increase the wages of the workshops in order to increase wages. The state’s subsidies for them will increase to another level. Wang Xiangping submitted a small report to Jin Xing, let Jin Xing do the ideological work of Chang Hanqing, but Jin Xing supported Chang Hanqing’s practice. Extremely aggressive is irresponsible for the development of China’s electric locomotives. Feng Shigao carefully designed to give a brilliant confession to Jin. The golden splendor was not touched by Feng Shigao’s enthusiasm. She has already indicated that Feng Shigao has already belonged to her. Although Chang Hanqing has repeatedly pleaded, Jin Xuan is still following the mind of Chang Hanqing, Chang Hanqing. Let her see her better and help her realize her dreams.

When Feng Shigao asked Jin to accept the bouquet of roses, it was said that the bouquet of roses did not represent love. Chang Hanqing saw Jin Brilliance holding a large bouquet of roses, and asked for the rose of Feng Shigao. Soon after, he heard Jin Jin’s affectionately calling him “Han Qing”. Chang Hanqing excitedly expressed himself. I want to send her a hundred thousand flowers.

That night, Bai Manning saw that there were personal traces of his belongings downstairs, and Jin Jin raised a small bench to go out to swear the bad guys, who knows that it is Chang Hanqing! Chang Hanqing said that he had moved a peach tree and wanted to transport it for gold. Just a few days later, Chang Hankun went home on business and found that his beloved jellyfish tree was gone. He heard that the babysitter had said that his brother had moved to the golden dormitory, and Chang Hankun did not fight one place, directly from home. Take the kitchen knife and walk towards the golden dormitory. Wang Xiangping saw Chang Hankun on the road with a knife and murderousness. He quickly got off and stopped Chang Hanqing. Chang Hankun did not listen to his advice. Wang Xiangping quickly went to Feng Shigao to report.

Chang Hankun rushed to the sea otter tree picked up by his younger brother. Chang Hanqing rushed in time and grabbed the knife in his sister’s hand. Jin Liang saw that the brother-in-law had turned his face because of himself. She directly let Chang Hanqing follow. My sister is going home, after all, they are the closest relatives. Jin brilliant couldn’t help but recall that she had her brother’s only relatives, but in an anti-Japanese war, my brother drove the train and was hit by the enemy plane. Many of his comrades were killed. She always remembers that her brother regretted before dying. Say that if the train is faster, there will not be so many soldiers sacrificed. In order to complete her brother’s last wish, she took the initiative to apply to the factory that manufactures the train.

The splendid story of Jin made Chang Hankun stunned. When he saw his brother grabbed the knife, he was scratched his hand. Chang Hankun said to Chang Hanqing that he remembered to break the cold and then left. Feng Shigao chased the past so that she could not be blinded by the golden words. Chang Hankun only admitted that she was impressed by Jin Qingliang and her brother’s affection, but did not agree to their marriage.

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