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The Galloped Era Episode 13

Chang Hankun heard that his younger brother firmly said that he would no longer be a “puppet puppet”. She was very surprised. Chang Hanqing always said that she didn’t want to grow up and didn’t want to leave him. Now she decided to leave her restraint. Chang Hankun felt that It’s all made of gold . Chang Hanqing went home and changed his clothes to go to Jin’s bright dormitory. On the way, he met Bai Manning . Bai Manning told him that Feng Shigao heard that Chang Hanqing was coming back. In order to reduce the chance of Jin Hui and Chang Hanqing’s meeting, Feng Shigao just Take the golden splendour to study at night school. Jin Xing saw Chang Hanqing chasing him and deliberately entered the classroom with anger. Chang Hanqing wanted Feng Shigao to let him into the classroom, and Feng Shigao did not open the back door for him. Jin brilliant in the classroom through the window to see Chang Hanqing has been waiting outside the lower courtyard.

Finally, after the golden splendid class, Chang Hanqing very sincerely invited Jin to eat brilliantly. Jin Huiqing ignored him. Chang Hanqing wanted to be a teacher at night school and gave all students the mathematics and physics knowledge. Kim splendidly said that she would not dare to ask bourgeois intellectuals to be teachers. Feng Shigao took out the membership card and asked him if he had a membership card. Not everyone can be a teacher at night school. Chang Hanqing actively submitted the application report to the above, but he was confronted with the department’s layers of blame. Only then did he know that Feng Shigao really helped him to join the club. Chang Hanqing came to Feng Shigao’s political office and finally served soft. Feng Shigao saw that his attitude was okay. He proposed two conditions, one is free, there is no class fee, and the other is to teach English, because mathematics and chemistry have teachers responsible. Taught.

Most of the members attending the evening school did not graduate from high school. Feng Shigao asked him to teach English, apparently deliberately giving Chang Hanqing the scorpion. However, Chang Hanqing accepted the task. On the first day of class, Chang Hanqing taught students to read English words aloud in English, and the entire teaching building echoed the pronunciation of English. The conservative teacher heard the sound and thought that Chang Hanqing was crazy.

In the classroom, Jin Guangliang publicly questioned the study of English. She did not understand that she was also Chinese and still in China. Why should she learn English, and her companions also agreed with her point of view. Chang Hanqing asked them with an allusion. The frog looks at the bottom of the well and sees the sky along the well. This is the problem of the eye. Learning English is still necessary. Hearing this truth, Jin Xing looked up at him again and found that Chang Hanqing had a golden garland on his head. Feng Shigao originally wanted to let Chang Hanqing know that it was difficult to retreat. I did not expect Jin Xing and Chang Hanqing to go closer.
Feng Shiga quietly brought a small message to Jin Xing. She is going to attend the training course for young reserve cadres. It is very likely that the training class will be the candidate of the factory manager. Jin Shuang is of course willing to go. Chang Hanqing saw that Feng Shiga quietly changed the bell of the golden splendid ring, and he took the new one down to Feng Shigao and repaired her old bell.

The Baocheng line is about to be tested, and Chang Hanqing wants to let Jin brilliant go with him. Jin Liang said that he is going to attend the training class. Chang Hanqing played a small cleverness and gave his labor insurance benefits to Wang Xiangping. As long as Wang Xiangping promised to help him complete the plan, he promised that Wang Xiangping would be given to the future labor insurance products.

On the second day, when the scientific research unit was about to leave, Wang Xiangping hurriedly wrapped his head in gauze. He asked him to be injured and could not get there. Wang Xiangping’s move did not deceive the golden splendor. Jin Xuan directly called Wang Xiangping to the office and asked him who was behind the mastermind. The clumsy Wang Xiangping had to say the reason why Chang Hanqing asked him to do things. In order to make Wang Xiangping get the labor insurance in the future, Jin Xuan decided to follow the research team of Chang Hanqing. Before the departure, Chang Hankun also came. She took the pear juice and sent it to Jinshuang. Chang Hanqing did not understand what her sister did and made up her mind. Chang Hankun said with a smile, now his test drive is the most successful. important.

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