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On The Road Episode 28

The disaster relief site in the southwest was busy all day. He decided to reimburse all the medical expenses of the casualties of the distant employees. Together with the family members, he not only helped his family members, but also organized employees to donate money to the people in the disaster area. . In the United States, Lu Xiaoou saw that Liu Yuntian and other business leaders began to appear on the screen to donate money and materials. They offered their own brand image while offering love to the disaster area. Lu Xiaoou called the distant phone to ask what he was doing. Yao Yuan said that he was in the disaster area. Lu Xiaoou told Yao Yuan that he is a big boss. How has he been busy in the disaster area? The key now is to quickly establish a brand image on behalf of distant companies. Yao Yuan does not think so. He thinks that the disaster area needs him more.

Lu Zhongxiang also came to the disaster area. After the earthquake, all the lines were not smooth. He came to see the way with his staff. Yao Yuan heard that Lu’s father had come. He quickly went to visit Lu’s father and two people ate together. Zhong Xiang asked Yao Yuan with emotion and remembered when it was time for them to eat together last time. At that time, Lu Xiaoou was still in college. They went to see the drama played by Lu Xiaoou. After nine years passed… Lu Zhongxiang’s words let Yao Yuan’s heart is mixed. Because the road was blocked by the landslide and the relief supplies could not be delivered in time, Yao Yuan led his brothers to begin to carry relief supplies on foot. Lu Zhongxiang asked two men to take cameras to shoot Yao Yuan’s work. Yao Yuan was not used to shooting these cameras, but Lu Zhongxiang arranged the tasks for the camera’s Xiao Chen, let them record the whole process.

Lu Xiaoou heard Yao Yuan said that the earthquake was very serious. He had not closed his eyes for two days and two nights. He couldn’t put Yao Yuan in his heart. Lu Xiaoou still quit his job at a global purchasing company in the United States. The boss of the company appreciated Lu Xiaoou’s ability and personality. He subsidized Lu Xiaoou for three months, and also used the company’s private jet to send Lu Xiaoou to Chengdu, China. Sichuan’s line was damaged, and Lu Xiaoou couldn’t buy the ticket there. It was anxious. I heard that the global purchasing boss used to send her private jet, she was very grateful.

The rains in the disaster area continued to rain, and the temperature plummeted. Many of the victims did not wear clothes. The rescue PLA began to distribute their clothes to the victims. The rescue soldiers would get sick without clothes. Yao Yuan’s men quietly told him that they had just discovered hundreds. Box of autumn and winter clothes. Seeing that the victims were shivering in the cold wind, Yao Yuan decided to open the clothes and give the emergency to the victims. The staff of the far-off express almost pleaded with Yao Yuan to consider again. In their express delivery industry, it is illegal to dismantle personal items without the owner’s consent. Yao will cause irreparable bad effects to the distant express delivery. Yao Yuan is still worried. He ordered his employees to distribute the clothes to those who are old and weak.

The disaster area was ruined everywhere, causing great shadows for people. Lu Xiaoou saw that the disaster area was very scarce of the psychiatrist, and she volunteered to stay to treat the victims. Many of the victims here, under the treatment of Lu Xiaoou, gradually stabilized and began to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. Yao Yuan returned to his tent and smelled the familiar mosquito-scented scent. He knew that Lu Xiaoou had come, so he ran a tent and ran into a tent to find it… Finally, he saw Lu Xiaoou with a mask, she did not care about the victims. The virus and taste, she clung to the victims to give them strength. Yao Yuan saw that Lu Xiaoou was still like nine years ago, and his tears fell. Holme received Liu Yuntian’s order to stabilize the situation in the southwest. Gao Chang confessed to her that he could do anything for Holme. Holmean asked him if he needed him one day… Gao Chang immediately responded that he would stand by her side.

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