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Homeland Episode 5

Wei’s master found Wei Dahe and said that he had agreed to pay the money to Sai Wing for a reason. After all, it is now a troubled world, and he has given money to Sai Wing, and he can get a kind of protection. Let’s go. Later, the Guardian once again said that the people in the town have decided to set up a militia group to let him command, but he does not agree. After all, his family cannot make a head bird and cause disaster. Wei Dahe suddenly became angry and said that it would be difficult to become a bandit after his family. Wei’s master persuaded him and said that he had finally given him back. He was planning to hand over his family business to him. He would consider it.

Wei Dahe understood the difficulties of Wei’s master and had to dismiss his ideas for the time being. However, later, a nostalgic named Zhang, who was in the town, found him and showed him a few guns, saying that he was preparing to set up a militia to give him the command. Wei Dahe pushed it up in a dilemma and found an excuse to say that he might return to the army someday. However, Director Zhang said that he would not quit his words. His father would have to convince him. On this day, Sai Yide came to the town with his brother, and Mrs. Wei took the grandson and hurriedly shut the door. Sai Wing came to the front of the Wei family, and Mrs. Wei was scared to fight. The guardian called out across the door. Sai Wing De will not come to extort money. He will report the number. Wei Dahe heard that Sai De has already gone to his home, and hurriedly grabbed the knife and rushed over.

In the house, Wei Dahe made people open the door and said that he would rather be killed or scared to death. After a while, he stood in the yard with a knife in a funny way, ready to meet the challenges of the bandits. However, Sai Wade is accompanied by a smile, and he just came to give them a New Year’s greeting. Soon Wei Dahe also rushed over. Sai Yide held a fist to Wei Dahe, and he had already heard of his name. This time he deliberately came to him. Soon after, Sai Wing also specially brought in a batch of guns and said that he would give it to him. Wei Dahe wanted to bring in the team of Sai Yide and set up a militia. However, Wei said that he would not agree with him. Wei Dahe is eager to stimulate him. The best of the bandits is the face. If they refuse to give them, then if they initiate a fire, then the whole town will not suffer. Wei’s master listened to this and didn’t have an idea for a while. He said that this matter will be discussed later.

Wei Dahe and Sai Wing De walked down the street. Wei Dahe advised Sai Wing to teach him whether he would bring his brothers down the mountain and set up a militia with himself. Sai Yide thought that he was a bandit, and he did a lot of bad things. He was likely to be investigated by the government, so he refused Wei Dahe. In order to dispel his doubts, Wei Dahe brought Sai Wing to the ancestral hall of his own family, and he worshipped his brother. When I think of Wei Dahe, Wei’s lord is too angry. Mrs. Wei advises him. He doesn’t think too much. Children and grandchildren have their own children, Sun Fu, and Wei Dahe’s things are left to him to decide.

Master Song and a Red Army chief talked about the day. Now they are divided into the Kuomintang and Communist Party camps. However, now that the Kuomintang and the Communist Party have joined forces to fight against Japan, they have become allies. The head of the Red Army assured Mr. Song that he must support his troops well in the future. Jiang Yazhen saidto Fu Yang , let him talk more to his superiors, give himself some time to convince his father’s troops, and let them join the joint anti-Japanese camp. In the playground, the head of the Red Army sent people to the ranks of Song’s team and trained them. This made the division’s troops soon become more strengthened.

Ye Xianzhi told Qiu Yuangu that the troops of the Red Army and Song Master in Shaanxi have now been mixed together, and the relationship is extremely close. Qiu Yuangu listened and decided to find a way to harass them and bring damage to their alliance. Ye Xianzhi accepted the instructions of Qiu Yuangu and came to the position of Master Song. During this time, Dewu was the head of the reinforcement group. Ye Xianzhi told him that he could not go too close to the Red Army, otherwise he would be in trouble in the future and he could not escape. Duan Dewu was a bully and hard-nosed person. He naturally did not dare to offend Ye Xianzhi, and he immediately promised him that he would know what to do later.

Duan Dewu told Wang Sanxi that the reason why he often went to Gao Xiaoshan to go to the door was nothing more than to supervise him. He was afraid that he would quietly bring the team to the Communist Party. However, the Red Army also had a set, since Gao Xiaoshan came. Here to help train the troops, but also really let their troops grow a lot.

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