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Homeland Episode 4

On this day, Wei Dahe ’s father , Wei ’s father, stayed at home and urged his housekeeper to let him recover the land he rented out as soon as possible. At this moment, Wei Dahe came back, and his family members all came up and chatted with him. The patriarch of Wei Dahe led the people and made a worship before the ancestors. Then he called Wei Dahe and said that he had already become the head of the army outside, and it was also Guangzong Yaozu. Wei Dahe said with a bad embarrassment, this time he will not leave when he returns. In fact, this is because he has been fired by the army and it is not good to tell the patriarch. But the patriarch thought that what he said was not to stay for a while and stayed at home for a while.

After the housekeeper heard the words of Wei Dahe, he reported the news to the guardian, which made the guardian could not help but hold it. In the night, Wei said to his wife, Mrs. Wei, how do they feel that Wei Dahe seems to be wrong? Soon after, he went straight to Wei Dahe and questioned him. Wei Dahe had to confess the truth and told him about his previous experience in the army, saying that he had already been expelled from the army. Wei’s husband saw that his attitude was very sincere and did not blame him. He said that since he returned, he settled down.

On this day, Wei’s master came to a theater with the son of Wei Dahe and watched the play well. During the period, Chuan Zuo came to the backstage and gave some food to his partner, the dog, but the dog did not eat a few mouthfuls, so he let his owner rush to the stage to sing. Wei Dahe stayed at home, and he was too annoyed because of the accounting. He came to Wei. At this time, the guardian is discussing with others the money. After Wei Dahe asked the lord, what is he discussing about it, but the defending lord said it was difficult to say, he would leave it alone. When Wei Dahe saw this, he found a friend of his own and asked him. His friend told him that there is now a bandit called Sai Yide, who is entrenched in the nearby mountains and often comes to the town to rob. Now every year the people in the town have to pay him a sum of money on time.

On this day, Wei Dahe stayed in his own house to settle accounts. At this time, the guardian lord came and took away a large sum of money. He knows that the guardian of this is sure to give Sai Wing a money. Soon after, he followed Wei’s master to a house. At this time, Wei’s master was discussing with a group of fellow villagers about the supply to Saiyi. Wei Dahe immediately interrupted him and said, don’t forget that he is the head of the team. Identity, how can your family give the bandits?
After the meeting, Wei’s lord could not help but give Wei Dahe a good training, saying that he had just been able to let himself not come to Taiwan in front of so many people. Wei Dahe had to apologize to him. However, at night, Wei Dahe shut himself up, and made a long knife to prepare for the game.

On this day, Sai Wing took his two brothers and rode to the town on horseback, ready to extort money from the villagers. At this moment, Wei Dahe suddenly took a shot and hit a wallet he had taken away to the ground. Soon after, Wei Dahe came over with a long knife and challenged Sai Wing. He wanted to compare his knife with him. If he lost, the town would pay him money every year. Soon the two men immediately handed in, and finally Wei Dahe used his powerful knife method to bring Sai Wing to the ground. When Sai Yide asked, it was only known that Wei Dahe was the head of the strengthening regiment who led the troops to block the Central Army in Chishui River. They immediately admire the authenticity. Their towns will not be harassed afterwards, and if he has any future calls If you call yourself, it will be fine.

After seeing the power of Wei Dahe, the nostalgic people in the town were very impressed and prepared to set up a local militia to let him command to fight against the bandits. However, Wei Wei is an old-fashioned person. He can’t help but shake his head again and again. This is absolutely impossible.

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