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Homeland Episode 3

Jiang Huaizhu asked people to call Wei Dahe and prepare him to attend a joint military conference. But at this time, Wei Dahe saw that Gao Xiaoshan, who was a general army, appeared on the scene, and he was the one who defeated his reinforcement team six months ago. He couldn’t help but immediately get angry and immediately took up the gun and thought. He is desperate. However, his men hurriedly advised him, and said that Gao Xiaoshan was hand-picked by Yang Hucheng to help fight.

Jiang Huaizhu listened to Gao Xiaoshan’s tactics and deliberately brought people to lie in the river. As soon as the people of the Central Army crossed the river, they immediately launched a raid. This made the Central Army immediately unable to eat and lose. Everyone screamed in unison, Gao Xiaoshan’s tactics are really brilliant. On this day, Wei Dahe took the crowd and continued to stay at the Chishui River. At this time, the Central Army suddenly began to withdraw. Then Wei Dahe himself received instructions that the superior asked him to lead immediately, and the opposite. Like the Central Army, they each withdrew one kilometer. Wei Dahe is incomprehensible, what is happening now.

Iwai told Yoshida that in any case, he must try to create chaos in China and use it to increase their internal friction. After all, the Japanese forces have been greatly weakened. Under the pressure of the Communists and Zhang and Yang, Chiang Kai-shek finally signed a joint anti-Japanese declaration with the Communists. Wei Dahe with his own troops withdrew and went back, knowing that his previous practice was actually helping the Communist Party, and he could not help but be greatly annoyed. On the other hand, the commander ordered the men to order and let them immediately start to eliminate Wei Dahe and Duan Dewu.

Someone quietly revealed the plan of the division commander to Duan Dewu. Wei Dahe wanted to go back to the commander to plead guilty, but Duan Duwu persuaded him to say that he is not going to find death now. Next, under the advice of the subordinates, Wei Dahe had to decide to stay on the spot for the time being to observe the situation. Ye Yin of the intelligence on the battlefield before tell the Qiu Yuan Gu, in that Jiang Ya real after the news, Qiu yuangu immediately decided to let her men to take over, said he wanted to talk with her.

Duan Dewu told Wei Dahe that now the commander has ran away from the army and left the reinforcement group to the Wei Dahe alone. This way, the division commander can escape the punishment of Chiang Kai-shek, because he can tell Chiang Kai-shek that he used to be Wei Dahe. He led the team to stop the Central Army, and everything has nothing to do with him.
Qiu Yuangu suggested to Jiang Yazhen that she is talented and she will come to work here. Jiang Yazhen knows that Qiu Yuangu’s move is bound to be hidden, but she still calmly agreed.

In the conference room, thinking about the current situation, the teachers of Song’s men all had a heart and confronted the Central Army, and they expressed their determination to Master Song. After a while, the men ran to tell Song Master about the upcoming visit of Wei Dahe. The men talked about it and said that he would still give him to the Central Army to plead guilty, lest his troops be implicated. However, Master Song stopped them.
Qiu Yuangu asked Jiang Huaizhu, why did he stop the Central Army before? Jiang Huaizhu replied that he was only ordered to engage in it. If there is anything wrong with this matter, he will be willing to bear it. Qiu Yuangu sarcastically said that he might not afford it. Later, Qiu Yuangu said that he has now transferred his daughter Jiang Yazhen to work for himself. Jiang Huaizhu knew immediately that Qiu Yuangu’s move was just to hold his daughter in his hands, so that he could obey his orders, and he could not help but sweat on his forehead.

Wei Dahe came to the front of Master Song. Master Song blamed him for his privately sent troops. Wei Dahe pleaded with him. It used to be his own fault, but the brothers under him were not guilty. He left them. Master Song said that the person who strengthens the regiment can stay by himself, but he must be expelled from the army immediately. Jiang Yazhen told Fu Yang that he had already gone to Qiu Yuangu to do things. Fu Yang told her that her future tasks will only become more and more dangerous, and she must be careful. Ye Xianzhi came to the face of Master Song and blamed him. However, Master Song has subtly pushed to say that the Dawei River had been sent to the division commander before, and he did not return to his own command, so he would not be responsible for the previous affairs. In addition, Wei Dahe has now been dismissed by himself. Investigating it, he just wants to let him hand over him to sin.

Qiu Yuangu said to Ye Xianzhi that he has the heart to protect Jiang Huaizhu so that the Central Army does not blame him for a reason. After all, Jiang Huaizhu’s current troops have left the Northeast and become a lonely army. If he can win him, For the sake of being used, it will definitely be of great benefit to you. Wei Dahe was prepared to go home from the city as a civilian. Wang Sanxi came to him and sent him a gun for his self-defense. After a while, Wei Dahe took the carriage and headed for the distance.

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