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Homeland Episode 2

The three soldiers came to the front of Wei Dahe and said that they would listen to his command no matter what happened. When Wei Dahe heard this, he immediately ordered them to pack up the weapons and ammunition and immediately seized the customs. At night, the soldiers who watched the night found that the entire camp of Wei Dahe was gone, and hurriedly reported the news to Duan Dewu. Duan Dewu immediately judged that Wei Dahe must have led people to the Shaoguan. Wei Dahe rushed to Shaoguan with a man, but he heard the news halfway, knowing that Shaoguan had fallen, and he had to turn his orders to the Chishui River. Soon after, they came to the Chishui River and decided to build fortifications on the spot to prevent the enemy from attacking themselves. But at this moment, his men ran to tell him that Duan Dewu had already brought people around himself.

Wei Dahe invited Duan Dewu to come over. Duan Dewu said that he can defy the military order and go to Shaoguan privately. If this matter is known to the teacher, how can he afford the responsibility. However, Wei Dahe said with great guilt that he is doing this for the sake of the country. If anything, let me talk about it later. Duan Dewu struggled to ask him, saying that he was playing with fire. Wei Dahe said that if Master Song agrees to let himself withdraw his troops, then he has nothing to say. After that, he immediately called the Song Master. Master Song was also a patriotic man. He immediately ordered the Wei Dahe, and he must strictly guard his position.

After hang up the phone, Duan Dewu immediately launched a fire, saying that Master Song said that it was correct, but now his troops are not listening to the command of the commander, Wei Dahe is still going to withdraw the soldiers. In the next team statement, most of the people in the team stood by the side of Wei Dahe. Wei Dahe immediately ordered the men to let them hurry up to the construction work in place to block the entry of the Central Army. The director of the Intelligence Bureau learned that Wei Dahe had been guarding the vicinity of Shaoguan with a small amount of troops. He couldn’t help but worry about the Dawei River. Jiang Yazhen suggested to him that Jiang Huaizhu’s troops are stationed nearby, and they will ask him to reinforce it.

The Central Army launched a fierce artillery attack on the station of the Wei Da River, but Wei Dahe was desperately resisting. Opposite an officer stopped the fire, and with a white flag came over and said that he was the Central Committee against the army, they will come out and surrender to themselves. However, Wei Dahe took a gun and hit it directly on the ground near him, which made him immediately frightened and crawled back.
Jiang Huaizhu was stationed near the Chishui River with troops. He analyzed the current situation with his men. Some people thought that they should increase the Wei Da River. Others said that they still voted for the Central Army. Under the fierce dispute, Jiang Huaizhu had no idea for a moment, and had to decide to discuss it later.

The commander-in-chief heard that the troops stationed near the Chishui River were their own reinforcements, and they were secretly taken away by Wei Dahe. They could not help but be furious. In Chishui River, Wei Dahe took his own troops and constantly resisted the attack of the Central Army. The scene soon fell on the wind. Duan Dewu ran to tell Wei Dahe that he would look for Jiang Huaizhu to discuss it carefully and try to get him to reinforce his troops. Jiang Huaizhu took his team and stayed in the Chishui River for a few days. He couldn’t decide which side he should help. Jiang Yazhen called him and said that he must help the river. After all, it is possible to delay the time as much as possible, so that Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng have the opportunity to convince Chiang Kai-shek to join forces to fight against Japan. After listening to her suggestions, Jiang Huaizhu finally made a decision to join the camp of Wei Dahe.

On the battlefield, Wei Dahe took his own troops and confronted the powerful Central Army for a few days. He had already suffered more than half of the casualties and his morale was very low. Duan Dewu was originally a force that was wrapped up in the Weihe River. He did not want to confront the Central Army. When he saw it, he suggested to Wei Dahe that they would still withdraw. However, Wei Dahe was a patriotic man. When he heard this, he stood up and loudly motivated his subordinates to say that they must swear to hold this position. After everyone heard his enthusiasm and persuasion, they all became loyal to the city and vowed to fight the big river to fight.

In the evening, the Central Army’s people gathered in large numbers and launched a fierce charge on the Wei Dahe’s position. At this moment, there was a deafening sound behind the Wei Dahe. It turned out that Jiang Huaizhu had passed a large number of people. Now, ready to reinforce them, Wei Dahe couldn’t help but listen to it, and immediately rushed out with his own troops. Finally, with the help of Jiang Huaizhu, they finally joined forces to temporarily repel the Central Army.

Jiang Huaizhu’s adjutant explained that his troops were delayed in arriving at the battlefield because they used too much grain. Wei Dahe knew that they had not come over for a few days on their side. They were defending themselves in Mingzhe. He could not help but blame them for an instant.
Duan Dewu stood in front of the position and introduced Jiang Huaizhu to his position. He said that the strength of the Central Army is too strong and his troops are at a disadvantage. At this moment, the Central Army’s plane drove over and dropped a lot of bombs, which suddenly caused the scene to be blown up. At night, the Central Army stepped on the frozen river and prepared to go to the other side. But Gao Xiaoshan took a militia and suddenly shot them a cold gun. The Central Army knew that there was an ambush in front of it, and immediately ran away.

A county magistrate with a strong surname and Gao Xiaoshan came to Jiang Huaizhu’s military camp. The strong county magistrate reported his home to Jiang Huaizhu, and Gao Xiaoshan told him his anti-enemy plan.

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