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Homeland Episode 1

Winter of 1936, Xi’an. In the morning, the market was as busy as usual. The Shaanxi Army’s 72nd Division Strengthening Group Guards, Lian Sanxi, just bought a morning, and saw his big brother. The Shaanxi Army’s 72nd Division’s regiment’s head, Wei Dahe, took a military vehicle. Arrived at the gate of the city. Wang Sanxi happily ran to Wei Dahe and called a big brother, and handed him the early breakfast. Wei Dahe was very happy to see his good brother and smiled.

At this time, there was a quarrel at the gate of the city. It turned out that Chiang Kai-shek was coming to Xi’an during this time. In order to ensure safety, the Kuomintang people have increased the investigation of people entering and leaving Xi’an. Northeast Military Aircraft Office. Underground Communists, code-named pomegranate ginger ya really is lurking in the KMT comrades intelligence services. On this day, Jiang Yazhen intercepted the news that Jiang Jieshi had to meet with Jiang Dingwen, Wei Lihuang, Zhang Xueliang, Yang Hucheng, Chen Cheng and other generals at the Xijing Hotel at 7 pm after arriving in Xi’an in a telegram. After quietly handing over the telegram to the top of the Kuomintang, she secretly tried to pass the news to the party Central Committee.

Qiu Yuangu, director of the KMT’s Northwestern Political Department, learned from the student Ye Xianzhi that Wei Dahe, who was captured by the Communist Party, once again returned to Xi’an, suspected that he might have had contact with the Communist Party. Seeing that Chiang Kai-shek is about to arrive in Xi’an, Qiu Yuangu and Ye Xianzhi must ensure the safety of the chairman. To this end, the Kuomintang carried out a major cleansing in Xi’an. The Kuomintang spies held the psychology of being able to slay and kill, and in the city, they killed a large number of Communist Party members and innocent people. Jiang Yazhen was just preparing to hand over the information he had intercepted to the comrade Wang Feng, who is in charge of the underground party responsible for contacting him. He saw that he was killed by the Kuomintang spies. Jiang Yazhen calmly dealt with the enemy’s cross-examination, and after he left safely, he could no longer control the tears in his eyes.

After paying tribute to the recent Kuomintang raids, Fu Yang, the head of the Communist Party’s Xi’an underground party , understood that Jiang Yazhen, as the party’s important role in the Kuomintang’s northeastern army, decided to disregard the danger and personally acted as her liaison.
the next day. Jiang Yazhen came to Fuyang for the dental clinic opened for the disguise. After the proofreading of the secret number, he successfully obtained the joint with Fuyang. After the two men came to the inner house, Jiang Yazhen told Fu Yang about the murder of Comrade Wang Feng, and handed over the telegram that he intercepted to Fu Yang. Fu Yang is very valued for this information, and reminds Jiang Yazhen to pay attention to safety.

Feng Jingtang, the commander of the 72nd Division of the Shaanxi Army, received a command from the superior to let him send troops to intercept the Central Army. However, Feng Jingtang was very angry about this order and thought it was a thankless task. At this time, the subordinates came to report that Wei Dahe returned to the division, and Feng Jingtang hurried to the division department. When Feng Jingtang saw Wei Dahe, he couldn’t help but slammed him to the ground and angered his incompetence. He even defeated the strength and weapons of a strengthening group. Moreover, Feng Jingtang said that he was more and more angry. In the end, he even ordered the shooting of the Wei Da River. Thanks to the reinforcement of the team chief of staff, Du Dewu arrived in time to persuade him. Under the comfort of everyone, Feng Jingtang ordered the Wei Dahe to be reduced to the battalion commander and punish the 20th army stick.

In the morning, Jiang Huaizhu, the commander of the 12th and 2nd Division of the Kuomintang, just finished the defense task of the night. He received a phone call from the commander and learned that the young marshals Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng had mobilized the soldiers to seize the news of Chiang Kai-shek. Jiang Huaizhu sat in a chair in shock, and then he understood what was happening in the sudden clearing of the pool yesterday night. This incident also spread to the Japanese Army’s senior agent, Iwai Ichiro, and he was worried that the Kuomintang’s truce would affect Japan’s plan to invade China. He told his men to let Yoshida find ways to negotiate with the Kuomintang and try to stop the truce of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party.

In order to ensure that Zhou Enlai can arrive in Xi’an smoothly, Yang Hucheng and Zhang Xueliang ordered the troops of the Shaanxi Army, the 122nd Division and the 72nd Division to block the Kuomintang Central Army. However, Feng Jingtang finally chose to rely on the Nanjing government and refused to send troops. Duan Dewu thought about it again and again, and told the news that the military stick was in the barracks.

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