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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 6 Preview

To fill the vacancy in Nawabi, Cooper reviewed a lot of candidate materials. After careful consideration, he decided to accept the candidate recommended by Elizabeth, Agent Alina. Reddington disagreed. He had another candidate, Mila, the military doctor who had lied to him and helped him.

This kind of thing will not be able to dispute the result for a while, Reddington handed Elizabeth a newspaper, the headline was a strange thing that happened in the DEX laboratory. DEX Lab is one of the most famous defense contractors in the country. Dr. Michael has worked for it for ten years. The on-board artificial intelligence system developed by it can be adapted to the new generation of military drones. He is highly respected and respected. Who knows that yesterday, he uploaded a video of wearing a bomb vest, claiming to blow up the laboratory. Before he entered the company, he was intercepted by the police, mistakenly believed that the mobile phone in his hand was a detonator and was shot. It was later confirmed that there was no bomb on the doctor.

The technicians hired by Reddington have confirmed that the video is intercepted, modified and synthesized from multiple Dr. Michael’s public speech videos using AI software, which has reached the point where it can be real. Reddington believes that someone tampering with the video is nothing more than killing someone with a knife, and there must be a secret behind it.

Elizabeth returned to the action team and after investigating related news, she found that this was not a case. A few weeks ago, there was a video of the Phoenix shooting on the Internet. The police mobilized a large number of police forces, but it turned out that there was nothing like it at the scene. After that, a senator lost his seat because his cheating photos went viral on the Internet, but he was actually very loyal to his wife. Now that Dr. Michael is murdered, DEX shares have plummeted. Three in-depth face-changing videos and three malicious scams all caused tragedies in the real world.

Aram tracked the account where the video was uploaded for the first time, but the uploader used a virtual private network to hide the real IP. The new member Alina took a different approach and found that the same account had recently posted on underground forums, and one of them did not use the virtual network. She contacted the forum operator, issued a subpoena, and learned that the IP address was leased to a 16-year-old boy Aiden. Aram was taken aback by Alina’s ability, and felt a vague sense of crisis.

Lesler and Alina come to Aiden’s house. Aiden’s mother cooperates very much, and she longed for someone to pull her son away from the computer and mobile screen. After checking, Aiden’s computer is nothing more than online games and pornographic videos. But it was also implanted with Trojan horse viruses and became a tool for hackers. Alina further analyzed and found a transaction data on Aiden’s computer. The hacker sent $70,000 to a person named Walter.

Surveillance captured the facial image of the withdrawal person. With the photos, Dunby can find people, and leave the rest to Teddy, a criminal investigator in Reddington. When Elizabeth and Alina rushed to Walter’s apartment, they saw the clues they had finally found were tortured to death. Reddington casually found a scavenger to clean up the body. Alina had already made some remarks about the investigation of the Reddington Control Action Team, but now she couldn’t bear it, and left angrily. When she left, Reddington told the result of the torture. Walter is a killer. He charged $70,000 to assassinate an artificial intelligence expert, Tracy.

Reddington was deliberately stimulating Alina to let her retreat. Elizabeth had to contact Lesler and went to investigate Tracy together. Tracey was surprised at her goal of becoming a killer, but she didn’t know who she was grudges with. Elizabeth remembered that there was a newly adjusted sniper rifle in Walter’s apartment, and she moved her heart and asked if Tracey had met with anyone today. Tracy did have an appointment with Dr. Louis, a neural network artificial intelligence expert, but the other party did not attend the appointment. Because Dr. Louis suffers from muscular dystrophy and is in poor health, Tracy does not care.

After contacting Dr. Louis’s assistant, Elizabeth learned that the other party had never arranged a meeting with Tracey. In fact, the assistant could not contact the doctor for several days. Cooper immediately dispatched Aram and Alina, who were on standby in the action team, to Dr. Louis’s apartment. There was no response when knocking on the door, and the two kicked in. I saw Dr. Louis sitting motionless in his wheelchair, with large and small monitors hung on three walls of the bedroom. Various data, charts, and monitoring images are beating on the screen. One of them shows Lesler and Elizabeth who are still in Tracy’s company.

Alam cautiously stepped forward and touched the pulse of the doctor. He had been dead for a long time. At this time, a voice sounded on the screen, it was Clark, an artificial intelligence program developed by the doctor. Clark was developed for the purpose of protecting mankind by all means. It has predicted that mankind will be wiped out by the rise of artificial intelligence. Therefore, Clark invaded the home intelligent network and stopped Dr. Louis’s pacemaker. Synthesize the video again to kill Dr. Michael. Finally hired a killer to try to get rid of Dr. Tracy. As long as these three experts die, the research and development of artificial intelligence will fall back ten years. This is Clark’s way of protecting humans. After being found by Aram and Alina, it eliminated all data and memory by itself, leaving no traces, as if it had never been developed.

After experiencing what happened today, Alina does not intend to remain in the action team, and does not want to be changed her mind by Reddington’s crazy behavior. But before leaving, she wanted to meet Reddington and tell her decision in person. According to the location Elizabeth said, she came to a remote warehouse and was surprised to see Reddington pointing a gun at a person.

It turned out that Reddington hoped that Mira would help him find the rape around him. Unexpectedly, Mira received a video of Catalina, unable to withstand the temptation of heavy money, and led Reddington to the warehouse on the pretext of finding a rape. Reddington and Dunby walked into the warehouse and were surrounded. But this is Reddington’s test of Mira, and Catalina’s video is just an inspiration from the incident of Dr. Michael. Milla failed the test, and Reddington never showed mercy to the traitor.

Alina’s sudden appearance made Mila seize the opportunity, grabbed the pistol, and blocked Redington in front of her. Alina didn’t care about Reddington’s life or death, and shot directly. The bullet grazed Reddington’s arm and almost hit Mira. Mira turned around and fled, and Alina rushed over like crazy. If it weren’t for Dumby to pull the two apart, I’m afraid Mira would have been strangled alive.

Reddington observed for a long time from the side, thinking that Elizabeth’s intuition was correct. Alina had a dark side in her heart. Although she was trying her best to reject it, no one could tell what happened in the future. When dealing with traitors, Reddington will not use others. After solving Mira, Reddington picked up the phone to contact Elizabeth and agreed that Agent Alina would join the action team.

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