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The Galloped Era Episode 9

Feng Shigao made a small report to Director Li. He said that Chang Hanqing had a problem and refused to implement the second phase of the Pentium experiment. The director could only say that Chang Hanqing might have some problems with the method of expression, so that Feng Shigao would wait. Seeing that the new policy is arranged above, it is no good to refuse to implement it. Jin splendidly asked the director of the factory, the director of the factory throws bricks to attract jade, let Jin brilliant work for Chang Hanqing, can complete the first stage, and can progress to the next stage, often Han Qing believes that immaturity has little to do with time.

Jin Xuan worked for Chang Hanqing to see that he did not enter the oil and salt. Jin Liang had to take him to the mountain on the grounds of asking him to have breakfast. Bai Manning saw Jin Xing holding a rifle and carrying Chang Hanqing up the mountain. She thought that Jin Jin was going to punish Chang Hanqing, and quickly rode a bicycle to Chang Hankun to ventilate the letter. Chang Hankun was asking Feng Shigao for rent, I heard that my brother When something went wrong, she quickly followed Bai Manning to chase her brother.

The road on the hillside was very bad. Bai Manning took Chang Hankun to drive the car to the fastest. Suddenly he heard a gunshot in the mountain. Chang Hankun was frightened and worried about his brother’s accident. In fact, it was Jin Xing who used a rifle to hit Chang Hanqing with a hare. In order to please Chang Hanqing, Jin Qing personally found firewood for him to roast rabbit meat. Eating rabbit meat, Chang Hanqing was very satisfied with his mouth and smearing oil. Jin Jin said this time with him to mention the second phase of the experimental task, Chang Hanqing felt that the technology is still not mature, it is not the time. Hearing the golden splendor and asking him to accept the task, Chang Hanqing had to vomit from the meat that he had eaten in his mouth.

When I think of Jin Xing, there is always a way for him to yield, and Chang Hanqing has to go down the mountain. I accidentally guessed the trap of hunting. Chang Hanqing screamed and rolled down. Chang Hankun heard the scream and the brother who fell from the slope was very distressed. She pushed open the golden splendour because it was too hard. Jin Jin slammed and his head fell on the stone and hemorrhage. Chang Hanqing quickly explained to his sister that Jin Xuan is roasting rabbit meat for himself. Chang Hankun went to the hospital to give them two checks. In order to express his apology, Chang Hankun took the initiative to ask Jin Cancan to check the head and make a film. Jin Hui was greatly rejected. Chang Hanqing did not go to the final and promised to give him a report.

Feng Shigao saw that Chang Hanqing always went so close to the golden splendour he admired, and he set up a beam with Chang Hanqing, so he provoked distraction and Yao Huaimin did not attend classes. Immediately on the day of the report, Chang Hanqing’s leg was broken, and a thick plaster was used at home. Jin Hui thought that he was inconvenient to travel, so he turned his bicycle around to find a worker to transform a wheelchair. Chang Hankun is calling at home to contact his brother to get a wheelchair. At this time, Chang Hanqing saw Jin Jin push the wheelchair to their home!

Chang Hankun did not support his brother to make a report. Seeing that Chang Hanqing insisted so much, she followed her to the lecture hall. What Jin Jin and others did not think was that the lecture hall was half empty. She felt very shameful and wanted to persuade. Han Qing went home. Chang Hanqing did not care about the number of people in the classroom. He wanted to be responsible for those who had already come, and insisted on going to power. Wu Factory Director heard about the situation and immediately gave Yao Huaimin an ideological work, so that Yao Huaimin knew that his research and Chang Hanqing’s research were important right-handed relationships. Finally, before Chang Hanqing opened the lecture, Yao Huaimin went with the people under his command. Chang Hanqing explained the professional theory with simple and vivid explanations and won applause.

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