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No Secrets Episode 30

On the Internet, netizens accused Gu Yankang of doing things, because Gu Yankang’s poor pool led to the entire office being compromised. Ren Jun threatened Gu Yankang to handle the matter cleanly, otherwise he would make his handle public. At this time, Li Junwei called again and invited him to meet at the abandoned factory. Li Junwei told him that Jiangxia is a monster that can hear the voices of others. As long as Jiang Xia is in Orange Sky, he has no grasp of the odds. Li Junwei wants to use this clue to get a sum of money from Gu Yankang.

Li Junwei deliberately appeared in the sight of Jiang Xia, just to confirm to Gu Yankang that Jiang Xia has the special function of hearing the voices of others, and wants to use this point to mislead Jiang Xia. Jiang Xia saw that Li Junwei felt very familiar, and there were many pictures in his mind. Jiang Xia saw that Li Junwei and Gu Yankang came together, and their minds were in chaos. The instinctive reaction was to chase them. Just as he was wearing the road, a rushing truck blocked his way. At this time, the past and the past have all come to my heart. He remembered the car accident in his childhood, remembered the bitterness with Lin Xingran, remembered that he went to Li Junwei, but he was stunned by him, and all the memories were recalled. The memory of the past is too painful for the current Jiang Xia. He not only restored his memory, but also recovered the functions of others’ voices. From then on, his world was noisy.

Jiang Xia returned home and saw the Koi that Lin Xingran gave him, very moved. He just wanted to tell Lin Xingran that he had recovered his memory, but when he spoke to his mouth, he was interrupted by Lin Xingran. Lin Xingran envious of the fish’s memory is only seven seconds, but lived very happy, misleading him that Lin Xingran did not care if he could find the memory, and finally did not tell her the truth. Jiang Xia Yulin was asleep, and called to tell the police officer that he had seen Li Junwei walk down from Gu Yankang’s car. He did not choose to tell Lin Xingran, did not want her to worry, their happy life has just begun, he did not want to destroy this short sweet.

Jiang Xia learned that Gu Yankang had contracted Zhang Xiaoyang to talk about reconciliation and took the initiative to participate in the case. When the secretary told Gu Yankang, Jiang Xia also followed. He remembered Li Junwei’s words and wanted to use Jiang Xia to hear the voices of others to deal with them. Gu Yankang deliberately let the secretary inform Zhang Xiaoyang that they had released their pigeons on the grounds of their temporary business trip. According to Gu Yankang’s account, the secretary went out to deal with Zhang Xiaoyang, and he hid behind the surveillance and secretly observed. The secretary’s psychological words were heard by Jiang Xia. Gu Yankang saw all of this in the surveillance and believed in Li Junwei’s words. Jiang Xia learned from the secretary’s psychological words that Gu Yankang hid the video in his home computer. He didn’t know that this was the bureau of Gu Yankang, and told Zhang Xiaoyang about the news. Zhang Xiaoyang sent a message to Lin Xingran and told her that the video was in Gu Yankang’s home.

The police officer took Li Junwei’s photo to look for Gu Yankang. Gu Yankang denied seeing Li Junwei. In order to eliminate the police’s suspicion, Gu Yankang gave Li Junwei a sum of money and let him leave quickly. Li Junwei was suspected of having less money and asked Gu Yankang to arrange for him to go to a private hospital for surgery. Gu Yankang crossed the river to dismantle the bridge and refused Li Junwei’s unreasonable request. Li Junwei was furious and angry, and he would not let him go.

Lin Xingran met Gu Siyu in the company downstairs . Gu Siyu firmly believed in Gu Yankang’s character and said that everything the father did was correct. Lin Xingran was excited and told her that Gu Yankang hid the video in his home computer. Gu Siyu asked Yang Xi’s case for the reason of Zhang Xiaoyang’s handkerchief. She always believed in Gu Yankang, but Lin Xingran was not a person who would lie. She decided to go back and reveal the answer. Gu Siyu went home to accompany his parents to eat, Gu Yankang has been absent-minded, which has strengthened the doubts in Gu Siyu’s heart. Zhang Xiaoyang combed the case and always felt that there was a problem. Jiang Xia told him that he had recovered his ability and memory and met Li Junwei, so he heard the secretary’s voice and learned that the video was in Gu Yankang’s home. Zhang Xiaoyang concluded that in this case, Gu Yankang’s best choice was to reconcile with them, but he avoided it. Zhang Xiaoyang couldn’t find a clue at the moment, when Gu Siyu called and told him that she had already got the video.

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