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No Secrets Episode 29

Zhang Xiaoyang met Gu Yankang at the victimized place, Gu Yankang did not change his face, and directly sneered at Zhang Xiaoyang. For Gu Yankang, life is worthless, as long as it serves the rich. Zhang Xiaoyang and Gu Yankang are not the same type of people, so they have never been willing to defeat him. Zhang Xiaoyang is not afraid of Gu Yankang’s warning and insists on seeking justice for Yang Lan’s brothers.

Yang Ping’s agent took the initiative to find Orange Day and said that it was expected to report. Zhang Xiaoyang held a press conference. Wang Jiang spoke the truth in the face of the media. In fact, Yang Ping was exhausted on the stage because of physical exhaustion, and Junze did not send Yang Ping to the hospital for the first time. The background delays the time, and the news of death is announced after 48 hours, so that compensation can be refused. This news is really hot, and there are many online discussions. Gu Yankang was beaten and contacted Ren Jun, but the other party has been shut down.

Jiang Xia is very relaxed in the work of Orange Day. Although he has not recovered his memory, he feels staying here for a long time. Everything is so familiar. He used to help Lin Xingran to organize the messy desk and be willing to do anything for her. Although Jiang Xia and Lin Xingran did not formally open their love affair, the two always seized every opportunity to enjoy the little secret between the couple. Jiang Xia secretly kissed Lin Xingran in the elevator. Lin Xingran enjoyed the kiss very much, but worried that the two would always go in and out together to influence the work, so he and Jiang Xia drafted a gentleman agreement. The two agreed to strictly enforce the terms of the contract. Lin Xingran and Jiang Xia’s couples have finally worked hard and formally started their love mode. The two are full of sweetness, even in public, and they are seen by colleagues in the company.

Li Junwei has been hiding in Liujiacun , and his daily life is being taken care of by Xiao Li. Li Junwei helped Xiaoli to buy a hearing aid. Xiaoli was very grateful to him, so she has been taking care of his daily life. But she did not know that Li Junwei was actually using her and using her to pass on the outside world. Li Junwei sent a message to Gu Yankang, telling him that he had the evidence he needed, but immediately after the news was finished, he immediately shut down. Gu Yankang’s reputation has been greatly affected, and netizens have turned down on him to be a unscrupulous lawyer.

Jia Zhongji helped Zhao Meibin ‘s nail shop to publicize and took her company’s female colleagues to take care of her business. Zhao Meibin saw that Jia Zhongji was very popular among the girls, and could not help but be jealous and would not serve them again. Jia Zhongji was slow in feelings. He couldn’t understand the girl’s heart. Every time he took a flattering, he photographed him on the horse’s leg. Jia Zhongji turned to Jiang Xia to help him make suggestions and pursue Zhao Meibin. In order to express his gratitude, Jia Zhongji suggested that Jiangxia go to the electric shock to retrieve the memory. Jiang Xia is very satisfied with the status quo and does not want to seek to recover the lost memories.

Simon told Lin Xingran that the surveillance of the elevator photographed the video of the company’s boss and secretary. Lin Xingran worried that his intimate actions in the elevator and Jiang Xia were also monitored and photographed. There was a snack, and a pot of prickly pear sent by Jiang Xia on the desk was punctured. Hand. Jiang Xia almost forgot the agreement between the two and went to see her injury. Lin Xingran hinted that he kept the distance, and the two could only transfer the love to the underground and use the mobile phone to deliver the message. Lin Xingran’s face is smug, and colleagues look at her to guess that she is in love, very curious about her love.

Simon saw that Lin Xingran was stabbed by the prickly pear, so she changed her pot. Lin Xingran couldn’t help but laugh at his good deeds. He didn’t appreciate it. He went to the trash can downstairs to find the discarded prickly pear. She couldn’t take it dirty, and she couldn’t find it in the trash can. It was very disappointing. However, Jiang Xia trimmed the thorns of the prickly pears and placed them on the Lin Xingran table again. Jiang Xia saw Li Junwei on the street. When she saw him, there were a lot of pictures in her mind.

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