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No Secrets Episode 28

Jiang Xia came to the countrysidewith Lin Xingran to visit Chen Deshan. He was grateful to the other side for theirhelpin thedifficult situationin Jiangxia , and they came to the country without regrets. The two just arrived in the country, because the road is not good, the deaf girl Xiaoli kindly helped to take away. Chen Deshan sees that Jiang Xia takes the women home and intends to match them together. The two men secretly sent the autumn wave for many years, but Lin Xingran did not dare to express his wish.

Chen Deshan stayed in Jiangxia and Lin Xingran at home, although the two had been together for a long time, but staying together for the first time. The two chatted together and played the piano, which was extremely romantic. Although Jiang Xia had forgotten the previous things, his feelings for Lin Xingran had never changed. During the period of amnesia, Jiang Xia has no entertainment except for work, and the days are boring. In the year without Jiang Xia, for Lin Xingran, it is like a year. Now that the two have finally arrived, they feel that time has passed.

Zhang Xiaoyang took the case of Yang Lan , Gu Siyu worried that Gu Yankang was deliberately difficult to Zhang Xiaoyang and advised him to refuse immediately. When the two were together, Gu Siyu listened to his father’s arrangement because of everything. There was no quarrel between the two. Finally, they ended up breaking up because of the lawyer’s philosophy. Gu Siyu took a sum of money to persuade Yang Lan to leave, and told him that Yang Ping was willing to carry out high-intensity work, just to make money for him to cure, his prosecution will not have results, I hope he can withdraw the lawsuit. Yang Lan mistakenly thought that Gu Siyu wanted to buy himself and refused to live and die. On the other hand, Ren Jun told Gu Yankang that Yang Lan had found Zhang Xiaoyang to sue them. Gu Yankang assured him that he would handle this matter well and would not let things expand.

The next day, Lin Xingran had to go to work at the company, and he left with Jiang Xia in the early morning. Xiaoli once again drove the tricycle to send them out of the village. When I arrived at the company, Lin Xingran was late for a while, and Simon was misunderstood that she was late for sleeping late. Lin Xingran remembered that he was sleeping with Jiang Xia last night, and he was embarrassed to explain clearly.

Lin Xingran learned that Zhang Xiaoyang took over the case of Junze, and Gu Yankang beat the stage, and insisted on standing on the side of Zhang Xiaoyang. He was a bit worried that Gu Siyu was not happy. The apparent evidence is not optimistic about Yang Ping, who now needs to find evidence of Yang Ping’s super-strength work. At this time, Gu Yankang held a press conference. He even said at the press conference that Yang Ping was overworked because he took care of his brother, Yang Lan, and found the relevant witnesses to prove the matter. Gu Yankang preemptively made people take the lead in the rhythm of public opinion, and sympathized with Junze on the Internet. Zhang Xiaoyang felt that Gu Yankang was overreacting and decided to go to the scene to check.

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