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No Secrets Episode 27

Zhang Xiaoyang took the initiative to findthe case file of Li Junwei who was killed in the deadten years ago. He simulated the scene at the court and was extremely shocked. In the coffee shop, Zhang Xiaoyang met Gu Siyu and had a new understanding of her. In the past, Gu Siyu always liked to stand on the moral high ground and accused Zhang Xiaoyang, but after this period of time, Zhang Xiaoyang had a new change for her. Gu Siyu is no longer cold or hot. On the contrary, she began to learn to care for others. She will also be drunk when she is sad. Even after quarreling with her father, she will learn to run away from home and vent her anger. . Gu Siyu heard that he had been ridiculous in Zhang Xiaoyang after being drunk, and he regretted it. However, Zhang Xiaoyang did not feel that there was anything, but he felt that Gu Siyu was more lovely.

Yang Ping is a funny actor. Because of his discomfort on the stage of Junze Entertainment Company, he was finally killed without warning. As a legal adviser to Junze, Gu Yankang judged Yang Ping’s death and death as an accident. Yang Ping’s older brother, Yang Lan, was quite dissatisfied and decided to retaliate. When Yang Lan saw Gu Siyu on the road, she was emotionally excited to take her away. Fortunately, Zhang Xiaoyang appeared in time, and he knocked him down with a punch, which succeeded in saving Gu Siyu. However, Yang Lan immediately fell to the ground. Zhang Xiaoyang had no choice but to send him to the hospital for emergency treatment. Yang Hao woke up and was about to leave the hospital, but his condition was very bad and he could not move. He saw Gu Siyu, his mood fluctuated greatly, and he said that Gu Yankang killed his younger brother and tried to find Gu Siyu desperately. The doctor told Zhang Xiaoyang and Gu Siyu that Yang Lan had brain cancer. If he did not operate in time, he would only have three months of life.

Jia Zhongji and Zhao Meibin sent Jiang Xia ’s daily items in the school to Lin Xingran ’shome, hoping that these familiar things could help him find his memory. Looking at these things, Jiang Xia’s mind was still in vain, and he begged Zhao Meibin to take him back to the campus to find lost memories. Zhao Meibin, they brought Jiang Xia to the school basketball hall, where he used to come. Although Jiang Xia could not find his memory, he felt very relaxed and happy with them. The three of them are about to graduate, and Jia Zhongji has started looking for a job. Although Jiang Xia lost his memory, his knowledge in his mind has not been lost. He wants to work in the legal profession after graduation.

Gu Siyu called to ask his father Gu Yankang to ask about Yang Ping’s case. Gu Yankang did not tell Gu Siyu, but only said that he had a clear conscience about this matter.

In recent times, Orange Sky has won several crucial lawsuits in succession. At this time, Orange Sky just needs to recruit interns, but there is only one place. Many candidates want to come in with their heads broken, but the competition is fierce. This time, Jiang Xia still came to the interview. Zhang Xiaoyang was very clear about his strength and finally decided to hire him. On the other hand, Zhao Meibin did not choose to work in line with her profession, but opened a nail shop, but the lack of funds is difficult to achieve. Jia Zhongji successfully applied for the legal affairs of a company, and he was happy to share this news with Zhao Meibin, but Mei Bin became more and more uncomfortable.

Gu Mu requested Zhang Xiaoyang to persuade Gu Siyu to go home. Zhang Xiaoyang felt embarrassed. The two were neither male and female friends, so he did not know what identity to use to persuade Gu Siyu. Yang Lan went to Orange Day to find Zhang Xiaoyang and told him that his younger brother Yang Ping was too high in work and lacked sleep for a long time. He died on the stage a few days ago. However, the entertainment company believes that Yang Ping was killed accidentally and is not responsible for his death. Yang Lan asked the company’s boss, Ren Jun, to discuss the argument. Ren Jun found Gu Yankang and pushed the responsibility to the bottom. Yang Lan lost his brother and fell into despair. He even held the idea of ​​breaking the net with the other side. Yang Qiu asked Zhang Xiaoyang to help him get back to justice. Zhang Xiaoyang advised him to raise his body and asked him to promise not to hurt Gu Siyu.

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