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No Secrets Episode 26

Lin Xingran used Zhang Xiaoyang to help Li Junwei’s defense strategy exactly the same. At the beginning, Lin Xing could not understand Zhang Xiaoyang’s method, but now he feels the same. Director Jiang was happy for her because of such a big change, and said that regardless of what she did, Orange Heaven Law Firm is his strongest backing. The court made the final verdict, Jiang Xia’s intentional homicide was not established and was released in court. Lin Xingran finally played a beautiful encounter. She gave Jiang Xia a warm hug and whispered in his ear, and she would protect him later.

The biggest benefit of Jiang Xia’s case is not only Lin Xingran, but also Zhang Xiaoyang. After this case, he finally realized his mission, and he will never give up his lawyer’s career in the future. Even if he may be deceived by the parties in the future, he will insist on maintaining the fairness of the law. In the emotional life, the relationship between Zhang Xiaoyang and Gu Siyu is also chilled . On the other hand, Li Junwei, who was far away, learned that Jiang Xi was acquitted and vented without anger.

In the hospital, Lin Xing’s special zone was re-examined by Jiang Xia. The doctor said that Jiang Xia’s blood was absorbed by himself in the brain. No need for surgery, the recovery was quite good, but for the restoration of memory, he could only listen to his life and be powerless. Lin Xingran took care of Jiang Xia to take care of herself. Then she sent Jiang Xia home and went to work alone. When Jiang Xia returned home and found the home messy, he swept the house from the inside out until he saw the post it was written to Lin Xingran. The heart was full of doubts. He found the voice doll he bought at the beginning and listened it over and over again. Gu Mu advised Gu Si language to move home, Gu Siyu did not like the strength that Gu father brought to her, refused to go home with Gu. After work, Lin Xingran saw the Gu Si language drinking at the barbecue stall when he was taking out at the stall. Lin Xingran took the initiative to stay with her, Gu Siyu had already drunk and drunk, and released all his inner depression, leaning on Lin Xingran’s shoulder and crying.

Lin Xingran came home and found that Jiang Xia was not at home, even the mobile phone did not bring, worried, and hurried down to find him. Just seeing Jiang Xia being bullied by several little gangsters, Lin Xingran reprimanded these little gangsters, but they were maliciously retaliated by them. The little punk picked up the stick and slammed it to Lin Xingran. Jiang Xia instinctively blocked Lin Xingran and played these small feet. Mixing. Jiang Xia looked at the aquarium advertisement on the bus platform and remembered that he had kissed Lin Xingran in the aquarium. He asked about this matter, Lin Xingran subconsciously denied. Jiang Xia took Lin Xingran and took the initiative to kiss her. Lin Xingran was not as shocked as he was at the beginning, and slowly indulged in it.

When the two returned home, Lin Xingran cleaned the wounds in Jiang Xia. Her carefulness and thoughtfulness made Jiang Xia feel moved. He thought that he had brought many troubles to Lin Xingran. Lin Xingran deliberately lied to him before he always bullied her. Jiang Xia stupidly believed her words and promised to change. Jiang Xia told Lin Xingran that he left home because he saw the previous post-it notes. At the time, the two had misunderstood, and Lin Xingran left Jiang Xia. Lin Xingran felt very embarrassed and promised that he would never drive him away. Lin Xingran looked at the face of Jiang Xia’s sleeping, and she was sweet in her heart. She didn’t know when she started. She liked Jiangxia. Perhaps it is Jiang Xia’s care for her. Perhaps it is Jiangxia who rescues her every time. Love has already sprouted in her heart, but she only understands her heart after experiencing the disaster.

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