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No Secrets Episode 25

After Jiang Xia’s amnesia,he was uncertainabout Lin Xingran ’s identity. I don’t know how to describe it, I can only claim that they know each other. Jiang Xia thinks that their relationship is not only the same. It is proposed to touch Lin Xingran ‘s fingers. When the two hands touched each other, Jiang Xia experienced the heartbeat that had not been accelerated in the past. After Lin Xingran left, Zhao Meibin lied that Jiang Xia’s girlfriend asked to meet, and the security guarded the safety of Jiang Xia and refused to let them meet. Absolutely. When Jia Zhongji was dissatisfied, he remembered that Jiang Xia had written diary habits, so he got a diary from the professor. He hoped that the police could bring the diary to Jiang Xia. It happened that Zhang Xiaoyang passed by, and he did not pay attention to Jia Zhongji’s instructions and went directly to the door. Jiang Xia saw Zhang Xiaoyang, and there was some gap in his heart. He always wanted to see Lin Xingran. Zhang Xiaoyang explained that Lin Xingran did not come to the reason, but also hoped that he could take care of himself.

Before the case was opened, the pre-trial meeting ruled out two invalid evidences. This is more stressful for Lin Xingran. In order to let Jiang Xia be acquitted, Lin Xingran decided to rectify the battle to win the case. At the same time, Zhang Xiaoyang has been waiting for Lin Xingran to give her a reply, decided to wait until the end of the lawsuit, and once again expressed his wish to Lin Xingran.

The case was officially opened, and Jiang Xia entered the court with the police in the eyes of everyone. He was afraid of his heart. He only believed Lin Xingran, Lin Xingran sat down and comforted him with his eyes, and advocated innocence in court. The evidence provided by the prosecution was extremely unfavorable to Jiang Xia. Jiang Xia looked at the pictures on the screen and the whole person fell into fear. Zhang Xiaoyang refuted the other party’s arguments, claiming that Jiang Xia was being planted by people, and established evidence on this inference. Lin Xingran followed by a few photos. The man named Qiu Baotian was the owner of the warehouse. He had disappeared a week after the incident and had a robbery. The prosecution questioned this series of evidence and talked about Jiang Xia’s father’s death in the hands of the victim. This incident caused Jiang Xia’s emotions to go out of control and headaches to break. Zhang Xiaoyang asked the judge to adjour the court.

During the break, Lin Xingran asked if Jiang Xia found his memory. Jiang Xia remembered that the blood coat he found on the warehouse site was that he had passed through the truck. According to this doubt, Lin Xingran and Zhang Xiaoyang believed that Li Junwei used batches of blood to create the illusion of massive bleeding on the scene, and Li Junwei did not die at all. They found anticoagulants in the blood test report, but Li Junwei was too embarrassed to spill a drink on the scene to destroy the evidence. Zhang Xiaoyang has rich experience. He remembers that Li Junwei had taken aspirin for a long time, so he decided to retest the blood on the spot. As long as the aspirin content in the blood is not equal, Li Junwei can prove that he has drawn blood in batches. Even if the criminal police team is willing to provide blood samples, but it is too late to do the test, Lin Xingran asked Gu Siyu to help, and happened to have a client working in the medical school, Gu Siyu immediately agreed.

Gu Siyu rushed to the court at the last minute, but the test report showed that the blood was exposed to the air for too long, and there may be errors. Lin Xingran was desperate to face such a result. Zhang Xiaoyang saw that she was in a bad mood and wanted to make a closing statement for her. Lin Xingran sorted out his emotions and insisted on his own closing case. Lin Xingran’s generosity was made, and it’s sensible. In order to convince the judge, Lin Xingran filed a case of Zhao Lanying one year ago. At that time, Li Junwei was acquitted. It was the court who had complied with the law and never had this law. Lin Xingran could not understand it at the time and hated this law. Now she finally understands that the law makes no doubts about crimes, just to protect the parties. If there is a 50% chance, they can’t simply convict them. The law does not let a sinful person, but will not marry any sinless person.

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