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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 9 Recap

The goal of the Yibei knife surfaced, Lu Weizhi began physical training. Elbe knife found Why not drunk , did not want to let her continue to land micro look for work, but for the job seeker land micro, why not drunk consciously not give up, Elbe knife also expressed understanding. Why didn’t he get drunk into the yard at home, why didn’t he drunk his father and forgot to see Yibei knife, he felt very familiar, but he couldn’t remember who he was, but Yi Beidao saw what he was worried about, thinking that he let his childhood Suffering from suffering, I could hardly control myself, but reason still prevailed.

Lu Weizhi also came to the home when he was not drunk, and saw why he was not drunk and Yi Beidao together. When they met, they began to fight against each other. They watched if they couldn’t get drunk and simply stayed to eat. At the dinner table, Yi Beidao’s head of the dish made by He’s father is the road, which makes Lu Weixue very unhappy. Why don’t you get drunk is to kiss and exchange taste, even though you can’t get drunk and escape, you can’t escape the palm of Lu Wei’s palm. In exchange for the taste, Lu Weixu said that the food made by He’s father is very accurate and complete. Micro-search is really worthy of the name.

Mu Chunfeng tasted the old wine of Rose Winery and received a call from Lu Wei to find his father. Mu Chunfeng has investigated the purpose of Lu Weizhi to get back the Rose Winery, but said that his taste buds have been finished since the last match. I have been preparing for it and will never let Lu Wei find the second game. When Lu Wei searched for a few mouthfuls of rice, he hurriedly pulled back and went back. Yi Beidao also took the opportunity to leave. On the way back, Lu Wei sought to give him the bottle of drunken cherished. He had personally glued it in order to apologize.
The wine doctor magazine started the preparations for the competition with Mu Chunfeng. Lu Weixu and He Bu drunk also began to cooperate with the preparation of the competition. The speed of wine tasting can only be fifteen minutes, but the competition time is getting closer and closer. Let Lu Wei find a way to write speed to control the time as far as possible within ten minutes, so he began the physical training for Lu Wei.

After the training, Lu Wei sought to go to the bar of Yi Beidao after training. Although he knew that Lu Wei was ulterior motive, why not drunk but he still went in. Lu Weixu deliberately killed the Yibei knife in the bar, and Yi Beidao gave him a glass of Margaret, saying that it was dedicated to the wine of the beloved, in order to stimulate Lu Wei, Lu Wei She went to the room of the Yibei knife, but Yi Beidao had already exchanged all the information in the room, and brought the misunderstanding to Lu Weixu and He was not drunk. The Yibei knife was proud of it.

Hao used to investigate the new news of Mu Chunfeng, and told Lu Wei to find out why he was not drunk. It was the Lu’s group that sponsored Mu Chunfeng to study in France. Lu Wei searched for a long time and was not surprised. From then on, Lu Wei searched for the opportunity to protect the last taste exchange. The inseparable followers were not drunk. In fact, he was worried that Yi Beidao would look for her. Yi Beidao came to Mia on the date of his brother’s jealousy . She told her the story of her childhood. She was covered by hatred from her childhood, feeling the uncomfortable feeling in her heart, and said this to Mia.

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