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Blossom in Heart Episode 26 Recap

Mrs. Zhai saw Long Mozhen come over and was ready to tell her about her pregnancy. She was stopped by Long Deshui. Mo Zhen thought that he was going to marry his wife again. He was tempered and asked him to take a nap, as long as he didn’t give birth. The child will do. Long Deshui didn’t want them to make troubles. He kept feeding the fruits and blocking their mouths. When Mo Zhen left, she let her get rid of her children. The red sleeve told him that he couldn’t get rid of it. The doctor saw that it was probably a son. Long Deshui knew that he couldn’t bear her belly. Long Mozhen came to Langfu and learned that Lang Qingqing had to go to the workshop and decided to go together to join in the fun.

After arriving at the workshop, I found that Arvin also came over. Three people went in together and proposed to gather together. Several people ate at the restaurant to celebrate Lang Yueming’s entry. Lang Yueming put forward his own ideas and decided to put Langli. Spring’s products were sold abroad, and it was said that this was inspired by Haishu, and everyone thought he was a good idea. Lang Yueming and Lang Yuexuan chat together. Yue Ming feels happy to be able to come out. He has no confidence in the workshop. He feels happy to raise flowers at home, because Langlichun is doing well under his management. Worried that his heart is uncomfortable.

Lang Yuexuan knows that he is a adopted son of Lang family. Everything is given by his family. No matter what happens in the future, he will always stand by his side. The red sleeve is specially attached to the lotus seed, telling Long Mozhen what he is pregnant, and is ready to give birth to the child. I hope Mo Zhen can agree and swear that she will not compete with her for a while. Mo Zhen asked her to ask for Long Deshui. Seeing her appearance, I can’t bear to say anything in my heart. Langyue Xuan came over to look for Lance’s year in the evening and told him that he also liked the sea otter. He had already agreed on fair competition. Lance thought that they were a mess, and that marriage was a child’s play. This approach is too disrespectful to Haishu. Hope They can look at the long-term, and there are many things in life that can’t be done.

Lang Yueming came to Feng Chunyan to be happy for himself to do things for Lang family. Feng Chunyan asked him not to be too hasty, take care of his body, and talk about the things that Mo Zhen came over. I think she knows the book, it is a good girl who wants them. The two can get together. Lang Yueming let her not worry too much, marriage will be the master of the matter, then look at the weather is too late, let her rest early. Shi Jizhou saw Awen lying in front of the house in a drunk, screaming angrily, letting him work hard to pursue Mo Zhen, must catch her, Awen said that he is a good man, can not do harm. The women workers in the workshop were fighting for Lang Yueming and Lang Yuexuan. They couldn’t help but vomit them.

I didn’t expect Shang Master to come in and quickly end the topic.
Haiyan hurried back to the workshop, and was lately accused by the new cleverness. Fortunately, Lang Yuexuan rushed out to solve the problem, but he was still punished. Lang Yueming saw that Haishu was punished for distress and could not help but go forward to help, was stopped by Lang Yuexuan, let him not go, otherwise it would aggravate her punishment. When Long Mozhen woke up, he was embarrassed about the pregnancy of the red sleeve. He felt that a younger brother was also very good. He could let the dragon family follow others, and some people accompanied him to talk and saw that Long Deshui was sad and agreed to agree with Xiaoyan’s red sleeve. Give birth to a child. After listening to Mo Zhen’s consent, Long Deshui immediately smiled and quickly went back to tell the red sleeves the good news.

Master Shang specially found some running books on the workshop to Lang Yueming, so that he could not understand the place to come and ask at any time. After reading the books, Lang Yueming felt that the cost of packaging was too much. Change to an ordinary porcelain bottle and let her keep it secret. Feng Chunyan saw Mo Zhen coming over with a beautiful scarf and invited her to stay and eat together. Mo Yan readily agreed, then sneaked into the attic to find the moon, and directly shocked him. Feng Chunyan was angry at the burning of the lanterns and kept blaming the songs. Miao Lan blamed the problem on Haishu and thought she was the source of all problems. Gu Xiahe took the herbs given by Yue Xuan and personally soaked her hands for Haitang, so that she can take care of herself.

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