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Blossom in Heart Episode 24 Recap

Long Mozhen helped Lang Yueming pursue Gu Haiyu Lang Yueming invited Gu Haizhen to do flower fairy

Haicang returned to the house with his luggage and told Gu Xia that he no longer had to go back. He had successfully troubled the book, and two people were happily playing in the yard. After Lang Yueming ’s scars were good , Langlichun ’s business came back to life. After Shi Jizhou knew it, he was very angry. He let Xinqiao behave well in Langlichun and stared at Gu Haijun . After Shi Jizhou saw that Awen was back, he immediately screamed and felt that he was not a weapon. He couldn’t help him to go back to the house with Lang Yuexuan . After Haishu’s freedom, he unwittingly came to the Haitang Garden and felt the flowers and grass inside, remembering what happened to Langyue.

Haiyan saw Lang Yuexuan also intend to leave in the garden, and he was stopped. Lang Yuexuan hoped that she would be able to come back to Langlichun, not wanting her to give up what she likes, and let her think about it. After some persuasion, Haishu returned to Langlichun, Langyue Xuan publicly announced that the new team was promoted to the team leader, Haishu will also go to the workshop to participate in the production of Hongyan Rouge, Lang Yuexuan saw the sea otter use the ladder to take things, Actively helping her, not found directly ignored by her.

After returning to the appearance, Lang Yueming happily came to the clothes shop to buy clothes, dressed in handsome clothes to find Long Mozhen , told her to prepare for the re- purchase of Haishu , let her give them reference. After dressing up in Mo Zhen’s dress, Lang Yueming wore formal clothes and sea otters to eat together. His eyes revealed tension. After seeing it in the sea otter, he ordered the steak for him, and then learned to cut the steak. After Haiyan saw that he would not, he cut it intimately for him, and Lang Yueming looked at her heart. Haicang returned to the house with Lang Yueming, but she did not expect that Lang Yuexuan was at home. She was brutally rushed out after a while. Feng Chunyan waited for them to come back to eat at home, and Miao Lan made a demon around the bend, and provoked it. Feng Chunyan was so angry that he found Lang Yuexuan back.

After Lang Yuexuan was driven out, he waited outside and saw the sea otter sent Lang Yueming out, and left angrily. The uncle came to the workshop to find Langyuexuan, worried that he disappeared and disappeared. Hearing, he quickly came to Haishu Park. I found him alone in the garden and could not help but blame him. Lang Yuexuan told her that she is working here, in order to be able to develop the geese rouge faster, and let Haishu stay to help. In order to help Lang Yueming pursue Haishu, Mo Zhen prepared several methods, but after being vetoed one by one, she thought that she would confess to her in Peach Blossom.

After returning to his home, Lang Yueming asked Langsian for the float supervision of Lang Lichun. Lance Year was happy for him and asked him what questions he had. Lang Yueming came over to let the whole uncle fully supervise the manufacture of the floats. As for the candidates of the flower fairy, they will find out by themselves. Mo Zhen took a box of colored eggs and came to look for Gu Haijun, let her write something, and invited her to go to the Peach Blossom Festival. Haishu wrote a wish on the egg, hoping to find the cockroach as soon as possible, and broke the contact with the two young masters of Lang family, and no longer entangled.

After reviewing the picture of the float, Lang Yueming decided to use the jellyfish flower as the main color to be able to set off the signboard of Lang Lichun. After hearing the whole uncle, he immediately ordered the person to modify it. Lang Yueming came over to invite Haishu to be the peach fairy on the float. Because the flower fairy’s clothes were made according to her, Haishu refused his invitation. She came from a foreign country. It can’t represent Kun Yang, let him consider the overall situation, not according to My own opinion. Feng Chunyan personally made a peach lamp in Langfu, so that Lang Yueming must choose a flower fairy. After all, this is a very important day. I feel that Long Mozhen is the most suitable flower fairy.

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