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The Galloped Era Episode 3

Gold splendid asked him in the end and Guan Bai Manning has not betrothed, and if he had not engaged Bai Manning, Bai Manning false do so is against the law, should be held accountable. Guan Hanqing had no help but had to admit that his engagement with Bai Manning was true. Being trapped in the ward all day is already driving madness. Guan Hanqing asked Jin Xing to release himself immediately. He wants to go out to work. Now the key part of the electric locomotive is being studied. He always thinks that he is contributing to the national locomotive. When Kim looked at him, he was not lying, so he was returned to the workshop to continue his work in the name of the wind.

The staff outside the ward heard that Chang Hanqing had been engaged with the factory Hua Manning. They were all stupid. How many young boys secretly loved Bai Manning. They did not expect Guan Hanqing to take the factory flowers for a few days. The factory has sent people to invite Dong Niya to continue to return to the study. Vasilyka is not letting go of the winter. Now that the Soviet government has let them not transfer the core technology to China, they should find some reasons that sound reasonable. Deduct the current study.

The director responsible for the manufacture of the motor vehicle returned. He personally asked someone to invite Dong Niya, and then resumed the normal work of Chang Hanqing. Dong Niya heard that the employees of the Chinese factory had already asked them several times, and felt that even if they could not resign, they would hurt their friendship. Seeing that Dong Ni is still obsessed, Vasily had to take out the stationery and dolls she had given to Chang Hanqing. Tony is frank and she really fell in love with Chang Hanqing, but the Chinese have killed their own cattle in order to let them eat the steak. Now the core machine has been developed halfway, suddenly stopped, she feels like this. I am very sorry for the Chinese.

Jin Xing knew that Vasily likes to drink alcohol. She went to the commissary and discussed with the clerk in advance to temporarily not drink Vasily. Jin splendid asked Vasily what to do in order to put Dong Niya back to the workshop. She had two bottles of good wine in her hand. Vasily looked at Kim with great interest, just saying that she would have to explain it as long as she drank a bottle of wine. Jin Xingzhen really quickly washed a whole bottle of wine, Vasily did not promise her to let go, Jin brilliant prepared to drink the second bottle of wine, Chang Hanqing walked over, a block Under the bottle, he knew that Vasily was a man. Vasily told him that if he could prove the innocence of Tonya, he would let Tonya return to work.

Vasily knows that people like Chang Hanqing are so proud that they can’t apologize in front of everyone. They wanted to let him know and retreat. I didn’t expect Chang Hanqing to really go out for China’s light rail. He put the drunken gold. Bring back to the hospital, let the doctor quickly wash her stomach. He rushed home in a hurry and wrote a large-scale newspaper with a profound review. In the big-character newspaper, he publicly admitted that he had first moved to Dong Nia. After winning the agreement of Bai Manning, Guan Hanqing was nervously attached to the factory door. The place.

After a night of tossing, Jin Xing gradually awake after washing the stomach. She saw some money on the cabinet of the hospital bed. This is Chang Hanqing’s money for her yesterday, and she often saw her on the wall. The illustration of the spoof, Jin Xuan could not help but smile, this Chang Hanqing painting comics are so unreasonable! Chang Hanqing wrote his own review into a large-character poster. The director also negotiated with Vasily. After many efforts, Dong Nia finally returned to the factory and continued to work with Chang Hanqing. The production process of the factory finally opened smoothly.

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