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The Galloped Era Episode 2

The stove in the winter house of Tonya was watered out, the gas began to spread, Chang Hanqing was drunk, and Dong Niya saw that he was walking unsteadily and was going to help him. Because of gas poisoning, they all fell on the bed. Kim Shine went to Chang Hanqing’s house to apologize, and Chang Hanqing’s sister, a big lady’s sect, didn’t like this kind of woman with a big tone like Jin Shuang’s, she’s golden, she’s found thrown into the trash. In my own kettle, ran over and picked up the kettle directly from the trash can, looking for Chang Hanqing’s theory angrily.

When Chang Hanqing realized that he was a gas poisoning in a coma, he used all his strength to pick up the objects around him and threw it away at the window. The broken sound of the glass alarmed the security guard at the door. There was a riot outside the door. Jin Qing heard that Chang Hanqing had an accident. She quickly grabbed a gun and rushed into Dongnia’s room. When the door was opened, everyone saw that Chang Hanqing fell on Dong Niya’s body. He said that Chang Hanqing was stinking. Everyone carried Chang Hanqing to a spacious place outside the house. After Jin Liang had done a long time, the artificial resuscitation had no effect, and he had to do artificial respiration. Chang Hanqing finally woke up, but the first sentence he woke up did not blame the gold for the artificial respiration without the gauze for isolation.

At that time, it was strictly forbidden for the Soviet Union and our people to make friends with men and women. After this incident, Vasily of the Soviet Union secretly returned to the house, hiding the drawings brought by Chang Hanqing, and then quickly explained the unified caliber with his men. Chang Hanqing’s sister, Chang Hankun , was very anxious at home. Bai Manning had always admired Chang Hanqing. She did not believe that Chang Hanqing would make a rogue thing. At the crucial moment, Bai Manning asked Chang Hankun to say that Chang Hanqing had already been engaged to her, so it would not be unreasonable for Dong Niya. Chang Hankun feels that this is unfair to her, and she cannot guarantee that her younger brother will marry her in the future. Bai Manning finally frankly admired his admiration for Chang Hanqing, even if they did not divorce in the future, she is willing. After hearing this, Chang Hanqing finally felt relieved.

Afterwards, Chang Hankun stuffed the paper in the lunch box in the name of the fish soup, so that Chang Hanqing knew ahead of time. Chang Hanqing was trapped in the room and could not go out. He saw his sister staying with his paper, and he felt that he was just playing around. Feng Shigao handed over the case to Jin Xingquan to handle it completely. It is also best to blame Chang Hanqing for hooliganism, so that the Soviet Union has the full authority to manufacture the squib pipe diverter. Kim is a little hesitant, and she must first investigate and then make a conclusion.

Chang Hankun sent Jinshuang to the stationery that Dong Niya once gave to Chang Hanqing. The stationery was engraved with the words “Dear”. Of course, these are not enough. Jin Brilliance went to the day of the incident. In the room of Ya, she compared the photos taken at the time and found that a piece of paper on the table disappeared and rummaged through the whole house. Only one file cabinet had a lock on it, and the golden splendidly let Vasily put the door. Opened, the Vasily had already put the drawing into a file bag with the word “top secret”. There was no discovery in the bookcase. In addition, Vasily had some obstructions on some paper bags. Know any valuable clues.

Bai Manning went directly to find Jin Xuan. She took out Chang Hanqing and her marriage book to let Jin look brightly. Jin was so skeptical that Bai Manning would go back first and she would continue to investigate the matter clearly.

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