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Day: November 8, 2019

The Galloped Era Episode 5

The Soviet experts’ withdrawal from the middle of the year caused the study of China’s electric locomotives to be interrupted. The people in the workshop asked Chang Hanqing what to […]

The Galloped Era Episode 4

The relationship between China and the Soviet Union began to be tense. Feng Shigao saw a picture of his former Soviet expert hanging on the wall. He wanted to take […]

The Galloped Era Episode 3

Gold splendid asked him in the end and Guan Bai Manning has not betrothed, and if he had not engaged Bai Manning, Bai Manning false do so is against the […]

The Galloped Era Episode 2

The stove in the winter house of Tonya was watered out, the gas began to spread, Chang Hanqing was drunk, and Dong Niya saw that he was walking unsteadily and […]

The Galloped Era Episode 1

The train ran on the endless plains, the heroine of the battle was golden and some motion sickness. She wanted Chang Hanqing , who was lying in the lower bunk, […]

Venerated Venomous Consort (Novel)

Venerated Venomous Consort (Novel)Other Name: 帝霸毒妃在上 Genre: novel, Action,Adventure,Martial Arts,RomanceCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Mu Danfeng,穆丹枫Year: 2017Chapter: 2,412+Related story: Summary:In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and […]

History’s Number 1 Founder (Novel)

History’s Number 1 Founder (Novel)Other Name: Shishang di yi zu shiye, 史上第一祖师爷 Genre: novel, Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Martial Arts,XuanhuanCountry: China MainlandAuthor: August Eagle,Ba Yue Fei Ying,八月飞鹰Year: Chapter: 1,417+Related story: Summary:He transmigrated and got […]

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Novel)

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Novel)Other Name: Genre: novel, Fantasy,RomanceCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Purple-Red BeautyYear: Chapter: 710+Related story: Summary:After a delirious first night together, Shi Guang found herself waking up to […]

Flavour It’s Yours Episode 8

Why not drunk in order not to waste good wine and almost drunk, Lu Wei sought to teach her to see the taste of the wine from the color of […]

Flavour It’s Yours Episode 7

Lu Wei was determined to take back the Rose Manor, saying that his illusion of money as a child was never what he wanted, and what he wanted was going […]

Flavour It’s Yours Episode 6

Xia Fan found that someone deliberately targeted Lu Wei, why not drunk with the Lu Wei gradually gradually out of the haze. Why not drunk to see Lu Weizhi look […]

Flavour It’s Yours Episode 3

Lu micro seeking truthfully tell Mia Meng Nasi winery wine to be completely emptied of problems, and the manuscript will be clearly written, Mia would not agree, because it means […]