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The Love by Hypnotic Episode 33

After Li Mingyue was tied up by Qiao Huixin and Li Wei, he was tied to a large pillar in the hall. Qiao Huixin saw that she couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She took out the sword and pointed at Li Mingyue, and Li Mingyue shook her spirits. Qiao Huixin did not understandwhy Li Qian would like such a person. Ming Yue deliberately ridiculed her. She used hypnotism to turn him into a group, and night and night, and Qiao Hui turned around and left.

Mingyue took the opportunity to untie the rope. At this time, Li Wei came to her again. Li Wei said that all of this blames Li Mingyue. Mingyue feels funny and satirizes the people he likes that he can’t get. He blames himself. Li She was irritated by her, picked up her neck, and told her that she was forced to walk on the road today, and that the moon felt that he was quietly taking out a wishful bell to hypnotize him. In the dream, there were scenes when Li Wei and Li Qian made a good fight, and Li Wei and Qiao Huixin first met. He didn’t miss the former, missed the shy smile of Qiao Huixin, and missed the pure brother. situation.

Li asked for pain, saying that he only wanted to be wise. Li Mingyue put down the wishing heartbell, Li asked to wake up, and denounced Li Mingyue to hypnotize him. However, Li Mingyue calmly told him that if his love is infinitely conniving, then he will personally push Qiao Huixin into the abyss of eternal annihilation. Infatuation is not wrong, but connivance is not allowed. Qiao Huixin is only using his identity to satisfy her revenge. Qiao Huixin insisted on killing Li Qian, but it was because he refused to accept the vengeance. If Li Qian is really dead, Qiao Huixin can’t live anymore. Her love has deteriorated, not even hate, but destruction. Destroyed Li Qian, ruining herself and ruining the precarious relationship between them. However, Li Qian still said the sentence: He loves Huixin, he has no other choice.

Li Mingyue told him that love is not a connivance. Only now can he avoid Qiao Huixin from entering the abyss. Li Xun’s tears flowed down and he said that he should stop it all. When Li Xun entered the city, he was found by the guards. Si Kong really rescued him. The two hid in a remote alley. Suddenly a flying arrow was flying. The arrow was tied with a letter. When Li asked him, he met Meiting outside the city.

Li Qian went to the appointment on time, and Li asked him to fight with him. The two-person sword points to each other at the same time. Li asked the sword and told him that he knew that he was guilty and came to tell Li Qian Li Mingyue’s whereabouts. Love and hate, no matter how memorable, is just a dream of Huang Qi in the years. He is willing to bear all the sins, only to ask Li Qian to let go of his heart. Li Qian said that he was suffering again. Li Xun said that he knew that Qiao Huixin was married to him to use him, but he was willing to do everything for her. Li Qian promised Li Xun, as long as Li Mingyue was fine, he put Qiao Huixin on his life. Li Xun told Li Qian that Li Mingyue was hiding in Qiaofu. Li Xun also asked Li Qian to let him go to see the last side of Huixin.

Li Wei asked Li Qian why he would choose Li Mingyue. If he had a little concern for Qiao Huixin, Qiao Huixin would not be on the road today. Li Qian told him that Mingyue helped him find his lost self. This is why Qiao Huixin can never give my own. He has already remembered all the past events. The clear life was saved by Li Wei. He said that he left Li Yi after a deep glimpse. Li Wei came to Qiao Huixin. He told Qiao Huixin to go to sin and be willing to bear all guilt. Then he and Joe Huixin went away and left Xing’an City. Qiao Huixin poured a cup of hot tea for him. Li Wei found that Qiao Huixin had already prescribed medicine in the tea. Qiao Huixin still refused to let go. All the people who had betrayed her would not let go. She knew that Li Qian would come. Save Li Mingyue.

Sure enough that Li Qian came to Qiao’s home, and Qiao Huixin gave Li Qian two choices, either to kill Li Mingyue personally or to die together. Li Qian looked at Li Mingyue indecently, and was willing to go to death together. He would never live alone. The two also agreed to live in love again and again, and Qiao Huixin on the side looked even more angry.

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