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The Love by Hypnotic Episode 31

Li Wei told Qiao Huixin that Li Qian had died. After hearing it, he fell to the ground and felt very sad. But he said that he did not let Li Qian die in her hand. Li Wei advised Qiao Huixin, Li Qian was dead, so that she could put down a good life of hatred, but how did Qiao Huixin do it, she drove Li Wei out of the room that night, saying that she would celebrate Li Qian’s death all night. The next day, Qiao Huixin tried to commit suicide by Li Wei. She said that Li Qian was dead and she had no hope of living. Li Wei saw that Qiao Huixin insisted on this and had to tell her that Li Qian was not really dead. After Qiao Huixin listened, he was very surprised and wiped his tears. He had to search the forest all night. Li Xin was upset, but she could only go with her to find.

Li Mingyue left a letter to Li Qian and decided to let him go back to be a prince, and then he left. After Li Qian woke up, he found that the moon was gone, and immediately chased it out and looked around. In the evening, Mingyue came to an inn to stay in the hotel. Who knows that the inn is a black shop. Fortunately, she has already memorized these tricks. She has seen the secrets of the store owner and Xiao Er playing at a glance, so she will count on the arrangement of Xiao Er. Lived in the room. In the room, Li Mingyue drank a lot of wine, and he didn’t want to care for Li Qian all the time. Li Qian is quietly watching her outside the door.

Li Qian did not understand that since he was so disappointed, why should he escape from him? At this time, the guy in the store will start with Li Mingyue, and Li Qian will clean them up and down. Inside the house, Li Mingyue wanted to hypnotize himself to forget Li Qian, but he could not concentrate on energy. She can only drunk herself. Li Qian couldn’t stand it, pushed the door into the house, and Li Mingyue saw Li Qian, thinking that he had an illusion. Li Qian held her deep kiss together. Li Mingyue ordered him to disappear in his own illusion, and seeing that he did not disappear, Li Mingyue was also suffering. She did not want Li Qian to die at the same time as Yun Yun . When he talked, he was drunk in the bed.

The next day, Mingyue woke up and found that the store owner was not there. When he was wondering, Li Qian suddenly appeared. He wanted Li Qian to leave, let him leave, and even wanted to hypnotize him to leave, but Li Qian refused, he saw The little moon of the moon pretended to be hypnotized by her, but hugged her in a flash. Mingyue found Li Qian’s serious injury and asked him how stupid he was. He said once again that he would not leave her, even if he was forgotten to forget, he would fall in love with her again. When I finished, I fell down and couldn’t cry in the moon. Several Princess Kang Le was very shocked by Li Qian’s death. After a calm analysis of the vacuum, he guessed that the two charred bodies were dead ghosts. Song Jinyu proposed to find two people by the city. Li Qian’s old injury has recurred, but Mingyue has no money to ask Langzhong. Li Qian decided to bring the Ming Dynasty back to Bei Xuan, but the condition is that she will not be allowed to use hypnotism for her and herself after the Ming Dynasty. The moon knows that the illusion of last night was true.

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