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The Love by Hypnotic Episode 30

Ling Wang Li Xun took the soldiers to the ambush outside the cloud camp. The spies came to the camp to hold the wedding of the cloud and the moon. They were killing the pigs and slaughtering the sheep and preparing to celebrate. Ling Wang immediately cut off the clouds and the moon. Contact and send people to poison the food, the cloud is still not knowing that he has become a shackle.

In the middle of the camp, the million people were unwilling, and they were still thinking about Li Qian . At this time, Li Qian , who was in the center of mind, suddenly came out and once let Mingyue think that he was dreaming. After the two people passed by, Li Qian went all the way to avoid the chase. In the forest, he saw the slingshot that fell in the moon, only to know that the moon had escaped from the palace and came to the account of Yun. I will come back to save her. Li Qian is trying to leave with the moon. How can I know that I have been first discovered by the cloud, and I am trapped in the camp. I saw Li Qian’s death in the dead moon, and the cloud is helpless and does not dare to hurt Li Qian.

At this time, the poisoned soup that the soldiers in the camp had poisoned, and Ling Wang took the horse and rushed in. The man who was in the cloud had no power to resist at this time, and the defeat was like a mountain. The cloud waited for the moon and Li Qian to escape to the secret room. At this time, he realized that he was designed by Qiao Huixin . He was almost cut by two birds, and he could remove the cloud while removing Li Mingyue . Yunwang did not expect that he would make Mingyue in danger. He asked for forgiveness of Mingyue when he left. Mingyue knew that he was bent on his death and struggled to stay. The cloud was unable to turn back, and he rushed out and planned to sacrifice himself for the moon. Safety.

Yun Yun put the objects of Mingyue and Li Qian on the body and burned them. They wanted to create the illusion that both of them were burned to death. In the end, the siege of the enemy was poured into a pool of blood.
Ling Wang discovered two charred bodies and objects on the body. He mistakenly thought that it was Li Qian and Ming Yue who were burnt beyond recognition. He started to talk to himself on two bodies. He said that he has been talking to Li for years. Qian Qiang is only the position of the Prince, but if Joe Hui’s beloved person is not Li Qian but himself, he would rather give up the position of the Prince. He did a lot of things for Joe Hui’s regret, if he could not It’s better to be an ordinary brother at the Emperor’s House.

Li asked a look at the body before he found the height and Li Qian’s disagreement. He knew that this person was not Li Qian, but he did not dismantle it. He could only think about it in the future. Don’t meet again, otherwise you can only die and die. The moon and Li Qian, through a wall, will clearly understand all of this. Li Qian has a taste in his heart. Mingyue and Li Qian came out after Li Xun’s withdrawal. The moon saw the already dead cloud, and the pain was endless. After the two men buried the cloud, the long-awaited moon was unwilling to leave, and Li Qian stayed with her on the side.

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