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The Love by Hypnotic Episode 29

Situ Zhen and Mingyue talked about their own life, their father died for the country, and a young man was retaliated by the thief. When Stuart, who was away from home, returned home, his family had already passed away. As for his friends, most of his friends. It is a friend of wine and meat. As for Li Qian , Situ really is the only person who knows Li Qian before the appearance of the moon. As for the moon and Li Qian, this kind of pro-integration has achieved a happy ending. Since ancient times, there have been few and very few. I sincerely wish them all, and soon passed nearby. The team of soldiers and horses, the two said goodbye, Situ really injured in the escape to find a place to cultivate, Mingyue can only go to the cloud camp.

Qiao Huixin also intends to go with Ling Wang Li Xun together for a month, she said that she wants to see Li Qiansheng is better than death, she is stepping on her feet, Ling Wang also readily accepted. Li Mingyue is only going to cross the border to reach the moon, and Li Qian, who has fled, has crossed the border and escaped from the moon. Mingyue is thinking about saving the beggar Li Qian, and Li Qian wants to realize his safety for the moon. Returning to the Cheng Xuan of Bei Xuan, the two men passed by.

Li Mingyue came to the cloud account, and the cloud waited to see the bright moon in the heart of the moon, and took everything he had prepared for the memories of both of them to the moon, to recall the memories of the moon and the feelings of the two, but the heart of the moon only I remember the safety of Li Qian and Kelby. She confessed to Yun Yun, Li Qian is her own destination, the relationship between her and Yunshang has changed from time to time, things are wrong, now I understand that “there is no lover may be white”, but the cloud has always been crazy Not willing to accept the fate.

Seeing that the cloud is not willing to let go, Mingyue took a plan to slow down, and promised to agree with Yun, and he would like to meet his brother, but he wants to meet his second brother, Kelby, who will see Kelby in the bright moon, and want to collude with Kelby in the moon. Hypnotized together, but he was seen by him.

The cloud threatened him to hypnotize the moon, and Kelby practiced hypnosis on the moon, letting her memory only before leaving the moon. After waking up in the moon, I pretend that my amnesia is in line with Kelby’s acting. The cloud is also suspicious in the heart. I have tried many times to test the moon and the moon. The cloud wants to use the same room to test the moon, and the moon finally shows the horse. In the wrath of the cloud, the moon was locked in the room, ready to turn her off after the wedding ceremony. Kang Legong main and Jin both really worried about the safety of Stuart, Jin thought that came to the brothel find Stuart true, they will be seriously injured Stuart really back to the Princess House, you can not call the imperial doctor, only to find themselves at random Some medicines came, and the two men struggled to help Situ really bandage.

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