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The Love by Hypnotic Episode 28

Mingyue personally prepared various items for Li Qian ’s going out for peace talks. Everything was prepared in good condition. The two people’s affectionate farewell made others cry, but Li Qian did not want to worry about Mingyue. Instead of mentioning the risks of this trip, I have been comforting myself for not knowing what will happen. I will come back as soon as possible so that Ming Yue will not worry about myself. Before leaving, Li Qian also arranged for the confidants and friends to secretly protect the moon in the capital. Although everyone was worried about his safety, he did not say anything. He only wished him an early return.

Mingyue also knows the dangers of this trip, but he can only pray for Li Qian in the palace silently. The nine princesses are also deeply afraid of bullying the moon in the palace, and have been accompanying her and comforting. At this time, Qiao Huixin felt that his great hatred was about to be reported, but there was no such thing as a happy heart.

Li Qian came to the cloud to camp, but Yun Yun closed the door, only let Li Qian enter the city alone. Li Qian took the determination to die and entered the camp of the enemy. In the camp, Li Qian saw the cloud, and the cloud waited for the moon, but Li Qian came alone and let the cloud wait and see. Li Qian explained that he owed him to the month to repay himself. Yun said that he had injured his left arm for Mingyue at the age of fifteen, and in the north of Xuan Xuan, he was injured in the moon, and Li Qian used the arrow on the corresponding position. In this way, I will pay back everything that the moon owes to the cloud. However, the cloud still refused to stop, but still had to blame Li Qian for the assassination. Li Qian knew that he had no retreat. He could only take up arms and resist. The guards waiting outside the city heard the movement in the camp, regardless of Li Qian’s.

The order was killed and Li Qian escaped with his own life. Qiao Huixin came to Mingyue and told the news that Mingyue Li Qian was desecrated in the country of Lu, and his life and death were unknown. Qiao Huixin also said that his father’s death was caused by Li Qian, and he was about to revenge. However, Mingyue always believes that the murderer who killed Qiao Huixin’s father is not Li Qian. He is the person who knows Li Qian most. He will never kill others for his own desires. Instead, Qiao Huixin loves Li Qian, but he does not try to understand. She is not willing to believe Li Qian. However, after hearing the news that Li Qian was in danger, Mingyue was very anxious and just wanted to escape the palace as soon as possible to save Li Qian. At this time, Li Qian’s confidant and Princess Kang Le are also discussing how to save the moon from the palace.

The moon came to the guards and used the means of walking on the rivers and lakes to hypnotize the guards. They changed into men’s clothes and prepared to flee. At this time, the Princess of Leisure also came with people. They left the Princess of Leisure and several people fled to rescue Li Qian. . After waiting for the discovery of the people, the emperor immediately ordered the punishment of Princess Kang, and ordered the overnight men, Li Mingyue , Situ Zhen and Wu Cheng .

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