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The Love by Hypnotic Episode 27

Li Qian found Yun Yun to ask about the whereabouts of Mingyue. Yun Yun gave him two choices in front of Li Qian, or let Ming Yue follow him. Bei Xuan and Ming Yue will be safe, otherwise he will try to make Bei Xuan and Hao Yue fight. Li Modest nature will not let Mingyue leave him, then let go of the words to show that he will not give up the bright moon, and will also protect the North Xuan, will not let his plan succeed, the cloud waits to listen to the anger of the heart burned even more.

Li Qian returned to the government. At this time, the moon has returned to the government. He asked Mingyue to go out recently. Because the cloud waited for everything in his grasp, he was very uneasy, but he went to Li Yun with Li Qian. Kelby, the prince of the moon, could not find anyone at this time. Li Qian quickly ordered the people to find it.

In the middle of the night, Li Qian handed down the newspaper and said that Kelby’s sabre and mount were found outside the city, and the blood was covered with blood. Li Qian will stay in the government to protect the bright moon, and he brought people to the scene outside the city. He found that the scene was different from that of the fifth Cheng . At this time, the escorts of Yun and Yu Yueguo appeared together. I knew that all of this was arranged by the cloud, and it was to blame myself for kidnapping the murder of Kelby.

The two came to the emperor to argue. At this time, the cloud was able to introduce the topic to the wars of the two countries. It was obvious that the emperor and Li Qian were threatened. The emperor also heard the meaning. Remind Li Qian that he could not be lost because of his smallness. He wanted Li Qian not to put Bei Xuan in a dangerous place for Li Mingyue . Li Qian heard the mystery from the words of Yun Yun, and he suspected that it should be Qiao Huixin in the north . The case of Qiao Huixin and Yunwang’s partnership kidnapping was smashed by Ling Wang. Ling Wang persuaded Qiao Huixin to hurry back and avoid being robbed. Qiao Huixin used Ling Wang to kill Li Qian’s mother and assassinated Li Mingyue to threaten Ling Wang. Ling Wang had to compromise.

Li Qian came back and told that Kelby was taken away, but did not tell the moon that the matter was related to the cloud, but the moon also began to suspect that it was a cloud. Li Qian came to find Qiao Huixin and questioned the whereabouts of Kelby. Qiao Huixin took the opportunity to humiliate Li Qian, and also told him that everything was done by Yun Yun, let him give up Li Mingyue to protect the North Xuan Ping, Li Qian and Did not agree to leave. At this time, the suspicion of the moon is also coming to find the cloud, and I want him to surrender Kelby. The cloud tells the moon that as long as she can walk with her, everyone can be safe. Under the good words of the moon, Yun Yun still insisted on his own way, saying that he is now so paranoid and despicable is to give thanks to them, Li Qian and the negotiations on both sides of the moon have failed.

After the time limit of the cloud service, the emperor who was provoked by the cloud rushed to the fire. Li Qian volunteered in front of the emperor to ask for peace talks with Yun Yun. The emperor also knew that the baggage should be dangerous and difficult to talk to, but there is no other way. Had to promise, then the emperor listened to the advice of Ling Wang, and Li Mingyue was placed under house arrest as an important hostage, and promised that Li Qian did not neglect Li Mingyue.

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