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No Secrets Episode 24

Lin Xingran went to Chen Deshan. The news that Chen Deshan knew was very limited. When he saw Jiang Xia , he was alone. And now everyone around them accuses Chen Deshan of hiding murderers. Gu Siyu tried to find Zhao Qiuqiu, hoping that they could handle it from a wide range, but Zhao was unable to do anything, because various evidences have indicated that Li Junwei waskilledby Jiang Xia , even though Li Junwei’s body has not yet been found. He advised the minds not to put too much energy into this case, and all they could do was to deal with it impartially.

As the case process was blocked, Gu Siyu took Linye to visit Lin Xingran , and by the way brought some success stories of the same type to her. Gu Siyu hopes that Lin Xingran temporarily puts down his personal feelings and can refer to the successful experience of the Lin mother case. Only Zhang Zhiyang is as objective and rational as he can really save Jiang Xia and embarrass him. Gu Yankang blamed Gu Siyu for seeking the prosecutor’s pleading. He mistakenly thought that Gu Siyu was the case for Zhang Xiaoyang to intervene in the orange sky, regardless of the sorrow and approval of her. In the eyes of Gu Yankang, his face is above everything else, and Gu Siyu can’t stay in this house and leave with his luggage.

Lin Xingran stayed at the law firm all night. When he opened the door early in the morning, he found that Gu Siyu fell asleep at the door of the law firm, and his face was still wearing a crying makeup. Lin Xingran knows that she hasn’t said anything, let her rest on her desk. Both of them are the masters of the straight-line, and they can’t help but sigh each other.

Jiang Xia will be taken to the scene to identify, Lin Xingran forced to get on the train and go with him. She brought a hat and a mask to Jiang Xia in the car to comfort him not to be afraid. Many reporters have been there at the scene. When Jiang Xia arrived, the reporters gathered around. In order to protect Jiangxia, Lin Xingran gave him protective measures. The police asked Jiang Xia to try to recall that Jiang Xia’s mind was blank, and he saw the blood on the scene scared. Lin Xingran told Jiang Xia that Li Junwei wanted to kill her many times because of his protection, she could save her life. They have had an appointment and will never become like a person like Li Junwei.

Although Jiang Xia has forgotten everything, Lin Xingran still believes that he will not kill. She and Jiang Xia have agreed with each other, not to become the second Li Junwei, even if Jiang Xia has lost her memory, but Lin Xingran is still firm, how can such a kind boy become a murderer. Regardless of what the outsiders say, she hopes that Jiang Xia will not give up on herself, and she will stand on the side of Jiang Xia.

Director Jiang saw Lin Xingran’s hesitation. He suggested that Lin Xingran choose legitimate defense, because this is the safest defense. Lin Xingran believes that Jiang Xia has no murder and wants to defend himself, but she is afraid that she will harm Jiang Xia because of the wrong choice. When Lin Xingran hesitated, Zhang Xiaoyang suddenly appeared in this timely rain. Zhang Xiaoyang knows that Lin Xingran wants to help Jiang Xia to plead guilty. Therefore, he came back this time to help Lin Xingran and jointly plead guilty to Jiang Xia. This battle is hard to beat, but as long as they don’t lose confidence, they have hopes of winning. Zhang Xiaoyang officially returned to the Orange Law Firm, and his colleagues were very excited. He arranged everything in an orderly manner, just like a reassurance of the Orange Law Firm, so that everyone could let go.

In the hospital, the police took Jiang Xia to the hospital for inspection. In order to see Jiang Xia , Zhao Meibin asked the two aunts to quarrel in the hospital corridor and led the guards. Zhao Meibin sneaked into the ward, only to find that he had lost his memory. Zhao Meibin pretends to be his girlfriend before amnesia, reminding him to remember himself. Zhao Meibin just left, Jia Zhongji came in from the window and told Jiang Xia not to believe Zhao Meibin’s words. Zhao Meibin is trying to make Jiang Xia like to lie to him. Later, Lin Xingran and Jiang Xia analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the defense point. Jiang Xia is willing to believe Lin Xingran, and any choice she made will be fully supported. Jiang Xia remembered that Jia Zhongji once said that if he likes a person to touch his fingers, his heart beats faster, so he asks to touch Lin Xingran’s hand.

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