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No Secrets Episode 21

Zhang Xiaoyang hoping to Jiangxia mouth that Lin Xing then the status quo, Jiangxia clear Zhang Xiaoyang name of wishful thinking, nature will not let him succeed. In the evening, Gu Siyu came to Lin Ma’s fried chicken shop alone to investigate, hoping to find clues to prove Li Junwei’s killing of Lin Ma. Lin Ma’s neighbors collected evidence for Li Junwei, and even the vendor of the vendor proved that Li Junwei was not in the store at the time. Gu Siyu did not know where to start, and could only check it again. At this time, Jiang Xia took Lin Xingran just back to the fried chicken shop, and saw Gu Siyu earnestly obtained evidence, he proposed a survey. During the investigation, the three people accidentally found that there was a camera installed across the gate.

The actions of the three people disturbed Uncle Uncle. According to the slogan, there was a man who destroyed the electric gate that night. However, he couldn’t remember the other party’s appearance. Lin Xingran wanted to spend money to buy a fake certificate. Jiang Xia went forward and blocked. The two started. dispute. At this time, Gu Siyu called and told him that he was willing to testify in court.

Zhang Xiaoyang did not believe that Lin Xingran could find favorable evidence. After all, the police had not checked the evidence before, and the lawyer’s ability to detect was impossible to be stronger than the police.
Before the court opened, Director Jiang took the initiative to find Lin Xingran and advised her not to be irrational by hatred. Lin Xingran sure that she must reverse the case for her mother. She was extremely disappointed with the lawyer’s duties, and even thought that the lawyer was sheltered and indulgent. The criminal’s wicked, so she threw the lawyer’s medal on the ground in the face of Director Jiang.

When the court was opened, when he was brought into the witness stand, he turned his eyes to Gu Siyu. He recalled that Gu Siyu found himself on the night before and used material help in exchange for his appearance in the court. So when the prosecutor asked, he Very calm and self-satisfied according to the recollection of the mind, immediately accused Li Junwei. Jun Wei never expected this situation. Jiang Xia used special ability to find out that the judge had already believed in this confession by 50%. Lin Xingran gradually relaxed. At this time, as an experienced barrister, Zhang Xiaoyang quickly used the loopholes in the rumors to debate, and even reminded him that if he had a false certificate in court, he would involve criminal law. He was timid, afraid to go to jail, and said that he had not seen the other person’s appearance and had never seen Li Junwei. Li Junwei escaped from the dead and escaped. Li Junwei was relieved in an instant, telling Jiang Xia in his heart, the next goal is Lin Xingran.

After the lawsuit ended, Li Junwei was released in court. Lin Xingran sat on the steps and shorted her eyes. Her heart was confused. Why did the law she pursued not stand on the side of justice? She could not understand it. Lin Xingran remembered the past. Lin Ma took her out of Gu Siyu and set up a stall at the school gate to buy fried chicken. At that time, Lin Xingran was not sensible, afraid that the students would laugh at her. Lin Ma has taught her profession that she is not expensive, as long as she earns her own hands, she is the greatest. Although Lin Ma has no big skill, she has always taught Lin Xingran very well. But now Lin Ma is gone, and Li Junwei, the murderer who killed her, will not be sentenced. Lin Xingran was lost in confusion and pain.

In order to protect Lin Xingran, Jiang Xia decided to personally solve the grievances with Li Junwei. Before leaving, he took Lin Xingran to the aquarium and confessed that he was about to move. He told Lin Xingran two things. The first one was that Lin Mu was arrogant that Lin Xingran was proud of the night, so he did not want Lin Xingran to give up. The second is that Lin Xingran forgives Zhang Xiaoyang. He is only stubborn and sticks to his duties. He does not want Lin Xingran to be depressed because of this. These days, Lin Xingran’s feelings for him have long been faintly long. She asked Jiang Xia’s thoughts. Jiang Xiaqiang endured the sorrow and grief, and finally made what he had been expecting for a long time, even though this may be the last time.

Li Junwei finally came out of the detention center. He took the long-suffering hatred and pride and vowed to completely destroy Lin Xingran. On the other hand, Jiang Xia simply packed up his luggage and held a lighter in his hand. His eyes revealed the decisiveness he had never had before, and he also vowed in his heart that he would not let Li Junwei have a chance to succeed.

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