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No Secrets Episode 20

Lin Xingran has been unable to get out of the murder of Lin Ma, and her mind is all the help signal that Lin Ma called her. Lin Xing Ran very upset if she was listening to a Linma Hualiyouhua, whether it is such a situation does not occur. Jiang Xia was comforted by the side, and the star was even more angry. He turned his anger into Jiang Xia and drove him away. She hated herself for being tired of her mother. Jiang Xia lost his parents from an early age. He deeply felt the pain and helplessness of losing his loved ones. No matter how much fire Lin Xingran, he will not leave.

Gu Siyu andLi Junwei ‘s prosecutor Li Zheng went to the prison to find Li Junwei for evidence. Li Junwei insisted that he did not kill, and said that the case ten years ago was a misunderstanding. He is now full of embarrassment. Li Junwei pretended to be a very innocent look, but he did not know that Gu Siyu was the witness who did not appear in court at that time. When he learned the identity of Gu Siyu, he tore off the disguise and revealed a fierce face.

After the death of Lin Mu, Zhang Xiaoyang handled the forest mother’s whole affairs in the whole process. Jiang Xia saw Lin Xingran in a slump, and fell into painful memories and could not extricate himself. She used paper to lead her out and express her guardian determination face to face. Li Junwei passed the procuratorial appeal and asked Zhang Xiaoyang to be his own defense lawyer. Director Jiang hoped that Zhang Xiaoyang would rationally treat his profession and not use his feelings. When Lin Xingran, who was revived, returned to the law firm and learned the news, he took the initiative to find Zhang Xiaoyang, hoping that he would take over Li Junwei’s case because she hoped to seek justice for her mother. I believe that Zhang Xiaoyang will stand on his side and will stick to justice. One party.

Zhang Xiaoyang originally asked Li Junwei for evidence, but he learned that Li Junwei tried to commit suicide and was sent to hospital for rescue, and left a suicide note to express his embarrassment. In Li Junwei’s suicide note, Zhao Lanying was repeatedly stressed that he was accidentally killed because of a gas leak. Zhang Xiaoyang knows that his suicide is a show and excuses himself. Li Junwei repeatedly stressed that he is innocent, he wants to use his life to exchange innocence. Zhang Xiaoyang, who has always been calm, is also confused by this case. From the perspective of emotional inclination, he stands on the side of Lin Xingran, but the reason is to remind him to face it fairly. Li Junwei knows how to pack himself. He always looks honest and reliable in front of outsiders and wins praise from people around him. When Zhang Xiaoyang went to investigate and collect evidence, he found that people around him had high evaluations of Li Junwei, which made the case very difficult. .

In the court, the prosecutor sued Li Junwei for murder and accused him of committing crimes and motives. Zhang Xiaoyang hesitated for a long time and finally declared his acquittal. In the trial break, in the face of Lin Xingran’s questioning, Zhang Xiaoyang claimed that the current evidence is not enough to prove that Li Junwei is the murderer, Lin Xingran asked him to believe in himself, but Zhang Xiaoyang chose to stick to the law. Seeing Lin Xingran more and more pain, Jiang Xia impulsively injured Zhang Xiaoyang and left with Lin Xingran. Lin Xingran, who returned to the auditorium, listened to Zhang Xiaoyang’s argument. The whole person fell into a collapse. Although the prosecution has no clear evidence at present, he believes that there are many doubts in the case, requesting an extension of the retrial. After the judge’s deliberation, he asked Zhao to wait for one month. The supplementary reconnaissance is completed, otherwise Li Junwei will be released without guilt.

After the lawsuit ended, Li Junwei looked at Jiang Xia arrogantly, and once again laughed at everyone’s stupidity. Even after ten years, he would not win. Gu Siyu catches up with Zhang Xiaoyang and is once again disappointed with his practice. She denounced Zhang Xiaoyang as the wicked person who pushed Lin Xingran into the abyss, and at the same time ridiculously sighed, even if no one can shake the so-called principle in his heart. Zhang Xiaoyang knew that his behavior seriously hurt Lin Xingran. He came to her house downstairs, but did not have the courage to come up, and the call was not answered.

Lin Xingran insisted that Li Junwei was the murderer. In order to find evidence of Li Junwei’s crime, she decided to investigate the matter personally. Although Li Junwei was getting along with his neighbors during the explosion, there would always be loopholes. As long as new evidence or eyewitnesses were found, Li Junwei’s true face would be exposed.

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