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No Secrets Episode 19

In the evening, Jiang Xia and Zhang Xiaoyang provoked a war for Lin Xingran . The two first paid too much attention to her, and then they won the game by playing games. Lin Xingran wants to pull the two people who are angry, but they are more and more angry, and finally take the handle directly to attack. The two of them were up and down, and the colleagues present were squatting, and they were all very embarrassed. Afterwards, the star hurriedly took Jiang Xia away, which was successful.

Nail shop, Lin Xingran went to Zhao Meibin to do nail art . During the period, Zhao Meibin unwittingly revealed that he liked the object. Lin Xingran supported Zhao Meibin to bravely pursue each other. He did not know that Zhao Meibin liked Jiang Xia, but Jiang Xia’s heart only liked the star. Zhao Meibin more and more angry, and finally burst into tears.
Late at night, Li Junwei secretly broke Lin’s electric brake , and then sent his position to Jia Zhongji . When Linmu looked at the electric gate, she was scared by Li Junwei behind her, but she did not notice Li Junwei’s abnormality until Li Junwei picked up the trophy and wounded himself. Li Junwei tied Lin Miao to the cashier, forcing her to use the phone to lead Lin Xingran. Linmu, in order to protect her daughter, did not follow the instructions, but tried to control the tone and conceal the status quo.

Lin Ma thinks that Li Junwei is not only terrible, but very pitiful. He is blindfolded by hatred, and there is no pursuit except revenge. Zhao Lanying’s words spurred Li Junwei. He once again used the trophy to smash her head, and Zhao Lanying fell in a pool of blood. The fried chicken shop exploded in a fire. At this time, Li Junwei, who killed Zhao Lanying, chatted with his neighbors without any problems, and the neighbors were presenting evidence that Li Junwei was not present. Until Lin Xingran and Jiang Xia Ming knew that Li Junwei was doing it, he could not take him.

In the hospital, Zhao Lanying was confirmed dead at the scene, and Li Junwei was admitted to the hospital. Li Junwei pretended to be pitiful in front of the police, but he used the psychological words to provoke the anger of Jiang Xia. Lin Xingran recalled the last call with Lin Mu, and the whole person collapsed. Lin Xingran was dependent on Zhao Lanying and Zhao Lanying’s death was too big for her. She refused to accompany Zhang Xiaoyang and stayed alone in front of Zhao Lanying’s tomb.

The next day, Gu Siyu heard about Lin Xingran’s mother’s accident, recalling that she did not have the courage to come out and testify with Lin Xingran in the same year, and decided to help Lin Xingran to tide over the difficulties together. Gu Siyu pleaded with Gu Yankang to help, but Gu Yankang insisted on taking legal proceedings. At least Li Junwei is not in the scope of suspects now, and he cannot be convicted. Gu’s words refused, and Gu Siyu was not allowed to intervene in this case. When he saw his daughter’s face was not good, he was somewhat soft-hearted. He clearly stated that Zhao Jian was just righteous and would not ignore the important details because of human feelings. . These words made Gu Siyu have a certain number of hopes and hopes. She returned to the room to send a text message to Lin Xingran, asking her to cheer up, and she would personally help her.

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