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No Secrets Episode 17

At school, Lin Xingran was rejected by the guards without a student card. Stars tried to sell Meng, but the guards were out of professional ethics and naturally refused to let the stars go in. At this time, Jiang Xia took the stars into the campus as a couple, which successfully resolved the crisis. On the campus, Jiangxia and Xingran’s behaviors have attracted a lot of attention. When Jiang Xia took the road office, he happened to see Professor Ma’s responsibility to the male student. After Jiang Xia’s mentor persuaded him to useless, his thoughts were heard by Jiang Xia. Lin Xingran found a male student who was verbally abused. He hoped that he could resist the language violence of Professor Ma and choose to testify in court. The male students worried that they were weak and unable to fight against the powerful group around Professor Ma. Lin Xingran moved to persuade him to make the male students hesitate. On the other hand, Jiang Xia learned about Professor Ma from the mentor’s mouth, and at the same time wanted the instructor to testify in court and save more students like Lu Hao to prevent the tragedy from happening again.

Zhang Xiaoyang took Gu Siyu to find the female anchor, but the heart of the heart did not like him. Because he was rewarded with more rewards on weekdays, he was allowed to become a live room manager. Afterwards, he harassed himself even afterwards. Behavior tracking, these thoughts still make the heart feel scared. After the heart of the heart, Gu Siyu hoped that Zhang Xiaoyang would persuade the party to withdraw the case. She did not want to see Lu Hao’s harassment of the female anchor incident and brought a painful blow to Lu’s father. She did not want Zhang Xiaoyang to lose the lawsuit. Zhang Xiaoyang refused her so-called good intentions, saying that Lin Xingran did not give up this case and would not give up.

Jiang Xia persuaded male students to testify in court. Zhang Xiaoyang worried that the plan had changed and hesitated. Lin Xingran did not agree, but worried that Gu Siyu would hold on to the female anchor event. In order to prevent accidents, he decided to go to Jiang Xia tomorrow and Jiang Xia. Tao Xinxin expressed rejection of the arrival of Lin Xingran and others, and she has promised that Gu Siyu will testify in court. Jiang Xia knows the mask of the heart of the heart and knows that she wants to use this opportunity to speculate on herself. So she directly picks up Lu Hao to send her information is not a pursuit, but a call for help. There is some doubt in the heart of the heart, but I am even more afraid that I will be kidnapped by morality and directly stop this unpleasant interview.

On the day of the court session, Lin Xingran promised to win the lawsuit and take Jiang Xia to the aquarium. Jiang Xia was sent away and cheered for her. “The testimony and monitoring photos of Tao Xinxin, Lu Hao’s rewards and loan amount of hundreds of thousands”, these have become unfavorable evidence for Lin Xingran’s application for compensation, the courts have been talking, and the father is anxious. Lin Xingran was in a hurry and wanted to read the message of Lu Xin’s heart to the heart of the heart. In this information, everyone heard that Lu Hao was deeply devastated by Professor Ma’s spirit and reported to the school for three months without replying. The father did not understand his own thoughts, and the pressure eventually forced him to perish.

Lu Hao’s suicide case got satisfactory results. Zhang Xiaoyang invited Lin Xingran to eat, and Gu Siyu stood by, as if he had lost the stinging hedgehog, and lost, alone and helpless. In order to celebrate, Jiang Xia made a good meal at home and gave the recording bear bought by the park to Lin Xingran as a gift. Jiang Xia stunned the atmosphere, just about to open the star to the aquarium to play, I saw Lin Xingran received a text message from Zhang Xiaoyang’s appointment address.

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