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No Secrets Episode 16

In the early morning, Lin Xingran specially took Jiang Xialai’s office to work. Zhang Xiaoyang handed Lu Xun’s tricky case to Xing Ran, and he accepted it with pleasure. Lu Fu said that Lu Hao is the champion of the college entrance examination. He has a good academic record from childhood to school. For his son’s jump, Lu’s father questioned the school’s corresponding compensation. Stars showed him the case, Lu did not read the book, and was quite unhappy with the communication process. On the other hand, Professor Ma chose Gu Siyu as his attorney. When Professor Ma talked about Lu Hao, he was very angry and screamed.

Lu Hao was a waste of mud and no help on the wall. Professor Ma’s expectations for his classmates were very high. The students are all elites in the industry, but Lu Hao’s level of research is not as good as one year, which makes him very disappointed. Gu Siyu recalled her father’s sustenance to her, but she always put pressure on her. In a hurry, Gu Siyu accused Professor Ma of his practice. Then Professor Ma deliberately stabbed her bottom line. Gu Siyu was very uncomfortable.

In the evening, Lin Xingran chatted with Jiang Xia about Lu Hao. Jiang Xia had heard about him jumping off the building, and accompanied him to read the materials together to win the lawsuit for Lu Fu. In the middle of the night, when the stars were a little tired, they lay in the arms of Jiang Xia and fell asleep. Jiang Xia tried to kiss her, but he did not start. Jiang Xia let the star sleep on the sofa, but she helped her organize the documents.

Stars fried chicken, Li Junwei came to Lin Ma shop to apply for a job, Lin Ma sees his attitude sincerely, he recruited Li Junwei as a waiter. Jiang Xia helped the star to read the materials. The next day, Lu’s father came to the office to look for a lawsuit. Stars hoped that the star would be reconciled privately with Professor Ma. Lu’s father directly screamed and insisted that Professor Ma pay Lu Hao. Later, Lu’s father took heavy objects and stared at them. Fortunately, Jiang Xia appeared in time to avoid danger. Zhang Xiaoyang worried that the star would be hurt again and decided to transfer the lawsuit to the rest. Stars stopped in time, indicating that the case was to be taken. When he got off work, Zhang Xiaoyang and Jiang Xia met in the elevator. Zhang Xiaoyang opened the door and let Jiang Xia move away from his home. Jiang Xia’s temper came up and asked Zhang Xiaoyang what qualifications to blame him. Zhang Xiaoyang was blamed for being speechless and had to leave with anger.

At the school, Jiang Xia came to Lu’s roommate to ask Lu Hao about the matter. At the beginning, the roommates saw Jiang Xia’s dress, worried that he was a journalist and would not tell him the truth. Therefore, in the name of the students in the school, Jiang Xia chose the course of Professor Ma to test the military situation. The roommates told Jiang Xia that Professor Ma was very harsh on Lu Hao, and he did not look at him as a person. In private, Lu Hao is also an eccentric person. With his roommate in the same dormitory, he has not spoken more than ten times in three years. Jiang Xia was interested in Lu Hao.

After inquiring, he learned that Lu Hao often brushed the money for the anchor, and rewarded all the living expenses to her. Jiang Xia’s case has made new progress and decided to continue to investigate. On the other hand, Xing Ran and Zhang Xiaoyang were looking for Lu Fu and found that he was working in a very noisy factory, which led to his tinnitus. For many years, Lu’s father was not willing to pay for himself and gave all the money to Lu Hao. Now that Lu Hao is dead, Lu is naturally unacceptable.

At noon, Zhang Xiaoyang invited the colleagues of Orange Sky to eat, just happened to meet Gu Siyu, and they ate together at a table. At the dinner table, Xing Ran and Gu Siyu confront each other. Professor Ma and the father’s lawyers argued about the case, making everyone very embarrassed.

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