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No Secrets Episode 14

At the bar, everyone pointed to Deng Fanyu, and Deng Fanyu, who was in a hurry, had a dispute with them on the spot. At this time, Li Junwei appeared in time, and Deng Fanyu dealt with Lin Xingran .

The next day, Lin Xingran came to work in the office. One day, Xing Ran and Zhang Xiaoyang both looked up and saw the head, but Zhang Xiaoyang still refused to take care of her. The boss and Zhang Xiaoyang were about to eat with Lin Xing. When they saw Zhang Xiaoyang, they lied that they had dinner with him. They lied that someone had asked her to eat, and they hurried away. Stars came to eat downstairs. At this time, the boss and Zhang Xiaoyang just came to eat here. They were worried that they would be seen and rushed to hide.

At this time, Zhang Xiaoyang and his boss were talking about the things related to Xingran. They stared at the ear and found that Zhang Xiaoyang was silently helping the stars, even for the stars but against the boss. At this time, a waiter called Shouran, and the star was exposed to identity, which came to greet Zhang Xiaoyang. The boss saw that the situation was wrong and slipped away, leaving only two of them. Stars are grateful to Zhang Xiaoyang for helping himself silently. Zhang Xiaoyang disapproves and thinks that he should do it.

In the elevator, Zhang Xiaoyang heard colleagues are talking about sexual harassment posts, and even maliciously smeared Gu Siyu , suspecting that this matter is Gu Siyu broke the details on the Internet. Later, Lin Xingran also received revenge from netizens and sent her to the home of Xingran. Jiang Xia worried about her safety and decided to protect her all the time.
Gu Siyu came to the victim. Sun Xiaohua and Yin Shan thanked them for their help. After the three people chilled, they left. Zhang Xiaoyang didn’t know who broke the news in the end. He asked about it and decided to talk to her. Then Zhang Xiaoyang asked Lin Xingran, decided to go to the cinema to find Lin Xingran after talking with Gu Siyu.

Zhang Xiaoyang opened the door to ask questions about the post. Gu Siyu is very lost, indicating that this matter has nothing to do with her. Zhang Xiaoyang felt that she was over-excited and found that the film was about to begin. She did not explain too much with her. She decided to send her back and then went to Lin Xingran. Gu Siyu saw Lin Xingran call him, and he was so angry that he was angry and angered. Zhang Xiaoyang indicated that they were over and urged to think clearly. Gu Siyu felt that Zhang Xiaoyang could not be retained and had to look at the back of Zhang Xiaoyang.

In the cinema, Lin Xingran could not wait for Zhang Xiaoyang, and decided to leave the movie ticket torn. Jiangxia Come on friends to deal with malicious crack forest natural satellite of the post, near the forest on the other side that natural satellite, then to the cinema take her home. Lin Xingran was unhappy because he was put on a pigeon, and he accidentally stepped on the high heels. Jiang Xia was helpless and had to go home. On the way, a man from the heights to the star of the weapon, fortunately, the response in the summer is timely, this did not make the star life is dangerous, but Jiang Xia was seriously injured. Jiang Xia worried that the star would be murdered again and hurriedly opened the mask of the other party before discovering that he was Deng Fanyu.

Jiang Xia was sent to the hospital, Lin Xingran worried about his safety, and guarded him day and night. Stars went to help Jiang Xia take medicine. In the empty corridor, Li Junwei suddenly appeared, and Lin Xingran was terrified. Jiang Xia sensed the uneasiness of the stars and rushed to save her. When Jiang Xia rushed to the scene, Li Junwei had already escaped, leaving only one star. Xinran told Jiang Xia that she relied on Jiang Xia to teach her self-defense to run Li Junwei. Jiang Xia was dubious, but when he looked at the stars, he did not ask.

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