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No Secrets Episode 13

At Coffee shop, Gu Si language distressed every day because Liu is behind the scenes, so did not dare to hire this 985 high school students. Lin Xingran mistakenly thought that the thought was to reconcile with her, and decided to cooperate with her to win the lawsuit. The thought of agreeing with the thoughts of the sea, decided to join forces against Deng Fanyu, the first to lose the lawsuit, not to cause Deng Fanyu to doubt. Zhang Xiaoyang was unbelievable when he saw their reconciliation.

Lin Xing Ran with Jiangxia say hello will come dengfan Yu, Yu dengfan star then came down to business, where Yu did not believe her sentence to contradict her. In the end, Deng Fanyu couldn’t bear it, and directly debunked the starry trick. It turned out that Li Junwei had previously searched for him, and told him the chat record of Xing Ran and Gu Siyu. Deng Fanyu was not satisfied with this, and he had a dispute with her. Lin Xingran was in a hurry and was in a hurry. He opposed Li Junwei. Deng Fanyu was very confused and did not know who to believe. The star used a three-inch tongue and finally persuaded Deng Fanyu to believe in himself. Deng Fanyu took the opportunity to thank her and shook hands with her. She refused to face her face, but in order to let the victory come early, she still reluctantly agreed. At this time, Jiang Xia arrived and felt that the star was not happy. He broke the door and waved to Deng Fanyu. Stars stopped in time, and this did not lead to bad news.

In the evening, Jiang Xia accompanied Xin Xing to deal with the lawsuit, and she found Deng Fanyu to know that she and Gu Siyu had joined forces. Jiang Xia also felt puzzled. Only the three of them knew about it, so who is the secret? At this point, Li Junwei is staring at them through surveillance.
Stars came to Deng Fanyu Company, and colleagues talked about Deng Fanyu’s harassment and even yelled at the victims. Stars screamed at their schadenfreude, and when they saw it, they turned around and left. Jiang Xia was watching the small secretary Yin Shan. She was also harassed by Deng Fanyu and was a good friend of Sun Xiaohua. Jiang Xia thought that Xing Ran was Deng Fanyu’s defense lawyer and helped her to come to Sun Xiaohua. Jiang Xia is a friend of Xiaohua to Yin Shan, I hope she can help her friends to stop.

Yin Shan worried that she would be troubled by Deng Fanyu and still refused to help. Stars clearly understand Xiaohua’s experience and hope she can help more people. Xiaohua is still worried that Deng Fanyu will be bullied in the back and still refuse to help Sun Xiaohua. The next day, the two lawyers defended each other’s defense lawyers. Xing Ran and Gu Siyu agreed in advance to let the star first prevail in the first half, so that Deng Fanyu mistakenly thought that he could win the lawsuit. As the slogan approached, and with the justice of the stars, the two successfully defeated Deng Fanyu, but because there was no direct evidence, Deng Fanyu could not be condemned. Yin Shan recalled that she was unbearable in the past and bravely stood up to testify against him. This gave Deng Fanyu a fatal blow and successfully sent him to jail.

After the lawsuit ended, Zhang Xiaoyang took the initiative to look for Lin Xingran, swearing that she should not treat each demander differently. If everyone is like her, more people will not be defended. Star Ran and agree that he is wrong, but feels that Zhang Xiaoyang is aggressive and indiscriminate. Zhang Xiaoyang said that even if the other party is wrong, the star should not be clever enough to frame him. If Deng Fanyu is really wrong, the judge has his own judgment. Stars recalled that Gu Siyu had kindly reminded the defenders and gradually realized that they were not right.

Lin Xingran returned home, still because of Zhang Xiaoyang’s words are unhappy. Jiang Xia comfort star should learn to listen to his own voice, instead of being stumped by outside voices. Jiang Xia found a netizen on the Internet to continue to break the news, and the time of breaking the news just coincided with the time of Lin Xingran’s case. Jiang Xia suspected that this matter could not be separated from Li Junwei. Jiang Xia came to the living room with imposing manner, and saw that there was a red light in the toy puppet, only to find that Li Junwei was listening to their words and deeds.

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