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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 27

Church, South sough cast He pearl eyes, took her to the Zhen positive side. He Mingzhu saw the church with the lights and flowers everywhere, but complained that he was not prepared for her. Yongzheng is ready for everything, waiting for He Mingzhu to attend. Yongzheng took the wedding dress to Nanxun and asked her to dress up neatly and make makeup. Ding Xiaorou was late, and the red umbrella was repaired and delivered in time. He was opening the umbrella. He Mingzhu remembered the scene of the two of them when they were young, and they burst into tears with excitement. She walked across the red carpet with her arms crossed. The priest was They held a simple and warm wedding ceremony, Ding Xiaorou is very envious, late letter to try to please Ding Xiaorou, but she does not appreciate. Zheng Ze and Nan Yan stood on one side and watched Yongzheng and He Mingzhu happily taking pictures, observing Ding Xiaomo’s late letter and sighing.

Ding Xiaorou gambled himself into the confession room, and late letter showed her her heart. At this moment, Ding Xiaorou suddenly received a call from Jiang Yuan . She did not say anything and left without saying anything. Had to give up. Jiang Yuan called Ding Xiaorou to come out. She accidentally learned that Tiffi, the world’s top fashion brand, was recruiting window designers, and recommended Ding Xiaorou to the director. After the director saw the design of Ding Xiaorou’s “Snow Country Rainbow” and “Catch Heaven”, Very satisfied with her, Ding Xiaorou naturally asks for it. There are two designers who compete with her. If Ding Xiaorou can stand out, she can be allowed to stay in France. Ding Xiaorou is in a dilemma. Jiang Yuan makes her cautious between bread and love. Make a choice and hand over your resume to Jiang Yuan by 6 o’clock at the latest.

After Ding Xiaorou went back and tangled for a long time, he decided to give information. After all, he was only one of the three candidates. Can you finally get the chance? Xiaorouo went to eat, just to see Chixin and Zheng Ze also, four people ate together to eat. Yan and Zheng Ze assisted them. He announced that Xiaorou was caught by Tiffie. He was very late, but encouraged Ding Xiaorou to pursue his dream. After dinner, Ding Xiaorou deliberately did not take care of the late, and the friend Nanxun still supported Xiaorou to go abroad for further study, I hope she can get better and better. Zheng Ze persuaded to keep Ding Xiaorou, but he was too late to think of the ideal of Ding Xiaorou, and did not want to drag her hind legs. In the night, Ding Xiaomo was late and couldn’t sleep.

The next day, Jiang Yuan told Ding Xiaorou that she was elected and signed a one-year contract with her. Jiang Yuan gave Ding Xiaorou a letter, which is a letter of recommendation from Chi Xin. It was originally late that I wrote a letter in a hurry and handed it to Jiang Yuan, recommending Ding Xiaorou. Late letter learned that Ding Xiaorou was selected, bought a lot of instant noodles and ice cream, to send off for Ding Xiaorou.

In the evening, Ding Xiaorou returned to the door of the house and was called by the community security guard. The security guard asked her to confirm whether the man in the video was harassing her. Ding Xiaorou clearly saw that she was drunk and covered her blanket with Shanghai Thieves. Ding Xiaorou always thought that it was Zheng Ze’s act. I didn’t expect it to be taking care of her. Ding Xiaorou was very moved. Chi Xin posted an invitation letter on the door of Ding Xiaorou’s house. I didn’t expect the bill of the property fee to be blocked.

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