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Having you in my life (2019) 一路上有你

Having you in my life
Other Title: 一路上有你

Genres: drama
Yang Ying
Yang Ying, Tian GAO Rui
Release Date: 
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  • Li Jian
  • Xu Baihui
  • Sun Song Lu
  • Guo Te
  • Wu Yu Jue
  • Li Xianliang
  • Zhang Su Zhe

In 1981, in a quiet city in the southwest, due to my mother’s failure to reveal the amazing secret that my father was the elder brother and stepfather, the peaceful and harmonious life no longer existed.

The stepfather became a vegetative, and his mother was accidentally electrocuted at work, leaving behind three underage siblings. The half-blood siblings experienced various emotional entanglements. The eldest brother gave up, sacrificed his dreams, sacrificed his love, and did his utmost to take on the responsibility of supporting the family: to complete the marriage, be willing to go to court for the younger brother, and raise the children born to sin for the younger sister, to the greatest extent possible for the younger brothers and sisters Dream of life.

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