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Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 7

Pottery stood on the bridge, his eyes were red, and his eyes were still covered with tears. Deer saw this scene and curiously walked over to care for her. Asked Tao, why is the mood so low, the sad answer is because his deer brother leaked company secrets may go to jail. The deer was comforted, and leaking company secrets also depends on whether the company suffered losses. In the case of his brother, it should not be in a prison situation, even if it caused losses, it can be compensated. After Tao listened, the spirit was renewed. She rushed back to the dormitory, took out all her money, searched her cousin, and borrowed money from the dormitorymates in the dormitory. She managed to save 5,000 yuan and took it to the deer.

Lu Xiang was very grateful to get the money, but he also told him that a company that develops games is tens of millions, and thousands of dollars have no way to solve the problem. He told Tao to not worry, he would find a way. Tao Tao listened to the deer’s words, like the frosted eggplant, shrugged his head.

The deer returned to their rented house. Tang Shi saw that the deer came back and was very happy. They tried to solve the problem together. The deer was very curious. Why is Tang Shi always the first time when he needs help? Appear and help yourself as much as you can. Tang poetry is a bit embarrassed, and swearing said that he is for the benefit of the company. After careful study by the two, I felt that it was the best way for me to give up the game development. Now, I am always paying attention to the company’s every move. So Tang Shi and Lu Xiang pretended to recruit talents, compiled a few very good resumes, and let Lu Yin and Li Haiyang go to the interview together.

He always got on the job. After he got a few people’s resumes, he called Li Haihai several of them to open a job fair, but he wondered why such a good talent Tang Shi was not hired. I’m always suspicious and I’m talking to my secretary. I feel that this may be the trap of Tang Shi and their company, deliberately tempting themselves to spend a lot of money to develop a new project, and thus take the opportunity to acquire their own company. I always thought of the deer, trying to explore the deer’s tone. Deer Xiang actively went to the appointment, and he said nothing to the general public. I always doubted that I immediately suspended my project. The deer were excited about the Tang poetry performance, and the two people laughed. At this moment, there was a sudden appearance of Zong’s figure on TV. The Zong’s vowed vote to compete with Yu. Sure enough, at the company meeting the next day, Zong decided to sue deer. Tang Shi quickly rushed to the deer to report. Lu Xiang had no choice but to help his brother. His brother awakened his dreams. He said that the secret of the public is no longer a secret, let Lu Xiang release the relevant technology to the public. Lu Xiang secretly took the access card of Tang Shi at night and published the company’s technical information.

On the second day, Zong, who discovered the technology leak, reported to the police. The police wanted to take the Tang poems away to assist in the investigation. At this time, the deer appeared to admit that they did it. The police were about to bring the two people back to ask questions. Mail. The original deer sent an email to Uncle Wei on the day before in the name of Lu Yin, explaining the whole process, and was authorized by Uncle Wei to allow him to disclose the company’s technology. Zong always saw the documents and said nothing. He always saw the technology announced in the public, and he was so mad that he completely stopped the development of new games. Tang poetry and deer thank each other, the two people’s feelings warmed up, Tang poetry no longer forced the deer to move away, and the deer was excited to express their words.

Lu Xiang and his friends celebrated this peace to tide over the difficulties. I felt that the work was not as easy as I thought. I regret that I had not studied well before. Deer phase once again remembered that Pinocchio did not dismantle his own things. I felt strange. He called his brother. The deer turned back. Deer thought his brother recovered his memory. He was very happy, but his brother said that he just played the game and heard the voice turn back. Disappointed with a low head.

Lao Lao and deer due to video, deer phase command, did not find, I want to see the deer, deer had to go home with my brother to see Lao Lao. Tang Shi called the deer to talk about the company and found that the deer was on the train. Zong always thought that the home and the chairman of the deer were very close, worried that the deer would complain and rushed to buy the ticket. In order to cooperate with the deer, Tao also went back.

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