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Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 12

Lu Xiang and Tang Shi went to find Aliceaccordingto the address given by Pinocchio . Alice was crying sadly because she saw her ex-boyfriend have a new girlfriend. Tang Shi and Lu Xiang together comforted her. Tang poetry suggested that Alice had a new beginning to forget the past. Alice wanted to rely on the shoulders of Lu Xiang, and Tang Shi looked at the two and widened their eyes.

In the climbing hall, Tang Shi and Lu Xiang followed Alice to climb rock, Tang Shi also wanted to try, Lu Xiang is helping Tang poetry prepare rock climbing equipment. Alice urged them to hurry up, and Lu Xiang dropped the Tang poetry and quickly climbed up. Tang Shi saw it and threw away his equipment and sat down. Someone talked about Tang poetry. Tang Shi deliberately asked the man about the skills of rock climbing. The deer who was climbing heard it and immediately ran to the Tang poem to warn others. The deer took a solemn oath of sovereignty and told the man that Tang Shi was his girlfriend, and he would follow her incessantly. Tang Shi’s mouth denied that his face was honestly smiling.

Tang poetry and deer meet Li Haihai and they come out to tell Alice about the love philosophy of the East. Lu Xiang also took the opportunity to talk about his own love concept. He said that he looked at Tang poetry as if he was speaking to Tang Shi. Alice listened to everyone’s love philosophy and felt a lot. She explained that she had misunderstood her boyfriend. In fact, he came to her, and the girl around him was not his new girlfriend, but a tour guide. Alice wants to go back to her boyfriend as soon as possible, she decided to get up and return home. Tang Shi and Lu Xiang sent off for Alice, and Alice secretly treated the Tang Dynasty poems and wished them a good result. Tang Shi curious about what the two said, but deliberately said that they don’t care.

Alice faxed the contract, and the company admired the deer. Zong once again called Wei Yi to complain, saying that Lu Xiang and Tang poetry had a very close relationship, and Wei Yi raised interest and asked him to investigate.

Lu Xiang due to the pursuit of Tao, and snacks for her, followed her to run. Tao was scared to escape. Qiu Deren gave the deer an idea, and used a remote-controlled plane to give the rice to the pottery. The result was that the pottery was not there, and the deer was too noisy because of the girl dormitory. Tao went to Luxiang Company and wanted to explain the deer’s pursuit of his own affairs. Lu Xiang saw the Tao far away, arranged the company staff to ask about what happened to Tao, and he sneaked in. He called to urge the deer to speed up the pursuit of Tao.

Lu Yin and Qiu Deren discussed, Qiu Deren decided to fake the deer’s name in the name of Tao, and let Lu Yin and Tao Tao came to a date. Tao Tao was really excited to go to the appointment, Qiu Deren took the opportunity to inquire about the impression of the deer. Tao evaluation of the deer because of handsome, smart, but too sticky. The deer who was eavesdropping on the side heard the Tao and said that he was sticky, and he did not accept the temper to come out. As a result, he was overwhelmed with a shoulder and fell. The deer came back to give the deer a massage waist. It is impossible to understand the way that the deer would choose the overbearing president. The key partner is Tao. Lu Xiang revealed the deer, and in a few days Tao had to go to the Taekwondo competition to prepare.

Tang Shi offended his colleague Wang Ping because of strict enforcement of company regulations. Wang Ping grievances told Zong Zong that Zong always promised to speak for Wang Ping. Zong Zong saw Tang poetry and talked about the company’s business. He also said that it was Wang Ping’s business. Tang Shi thought that Wang Ping was lazy and lazy. He thought that this was only a warning to Wang Ping. Zong always listened to the yin and yang and said Tang poetry. Wang Ping sent a message to the company’s several directors. Liu Qiang and others came to KFC after work.

The white pheasant is purely food, and it is also stupid. Wang Ping is an iron cock. Where would she be willing to let go of blood, she called each person a cone to make a big meal. Destroy the deer and Tang poems in front of everyone, saying that the two have underground feelings, the company rules and regulations do not allow office romance. She wants everyone to peek at the two when they go to work, and find the evidence of the two of them. Liu Qiang thinks that this is overdone. Wang Ping said that this is the meaning of Zong. Everyone listened and was shocked and hurried.

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