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The Life of the White Fox Episode 7

In order to redeem the boss. Mr. Yimou and others found the dean and offered to gamble with him. However, no one quickly lost to the dean again, and he was arranged to clean up and other work. At this time, the security guard will quietly follow the Sichen to the front of the president. The dean did not expect that a trapper who did not enter the stream would dare to sneak in, and the gas would burn Sichen. In order to save Shichen, Xia Kui proposed to gamble with the Dean. The dean proposed to use the spirit beads, the white tail and the beauty of Nanjiao as a bet to answer the bet. Xia Kui simply agreed.

The two sides finally decided to win the battle with Monopoly. After the game started, everyone’s luck was not good. Xia Kui accidentally caught the trap and must step forward with the barbell; Si Chen just stepped off the clothes on his body and was stripped off; Nan Jiao also fled directly from the game because he became an old man. After three steps, the day was safe and sound.

The game continues, Ma Weita and Xia Kui both go five steps without penalty, Sichen went four steps to the position of the dean, a bucket of water poured down, Sichen instantly became a soup, Sichen quit The game was sent out. Si Chen and Nan Jiao took a kaleidoscope and looked at the situation inside the game. Xia Kui returned to the original point, and Bai Hao stepped forward in two steps. The white shackles ruined the game and were forcibly removed. Xia Kui went to the next round and walked to the front of Ma Wei, Ma Wei, he went five steps forward, only one step away from the end. At this time, Xia Kui thinks that the final punishment of the gambling is heavier. Ma Weihe told her that the heaviest punishment is the sacrifice of the life. It is the turn to punish Xia Kui and lose all life. Xia Kui went four steps, the system sound: Xia Kuisheng’s sacrifice, Xia Kui desperately screamed, the three people watching outside were anxious, the white smashed his fingers to enter the gambling, but no results, Bai Hao opened his palm The blood was stained with the entire contract board, the board was destroyed, and everyone returned to the children’s room.

Bai Yan asked Ma Wei, why not tell everyone the worst punishment before the game, Ma Wei as a gambling king but destroy the gambling, Bai Yu is about to clean up Ma Wei, Nan Jiao found Ma Wei, he has a neck, the original Ma Weihe was possessed, and this character turned out to be a spell of dead white wind, everyone was confused.

The people returned to normal, and the white tail was returned to the body. Xia Kui found that the white bloody hand was about to be concerned. Bai Yu first said that it was for the spirit beads, and the cold warning warned that the summer sunflower should not cause trouble again. After waking up, Ma Weihe apologized to the four people. Ma Weihe explained that he had not opened the casino for a long time. It was really a welfare home. Xia Kui asked Ma Wei to let go of Mr. Wu Mi, and Ma Weihe readily agreed. Ma Weihe also gave Mr. Wu an eye and told Xia Kui that the other eye belonged here. One of the five brothers and five people recalled the reason for betting on the second eye. It was as simple as just looking at the appearance of the brothers. They recalled that the original intention of the five people was tightly embraced together. With the boss, there is no need for a second one. The eyes are gone.

One eye five healed the eyes of peace, the door bell rang, a fat girl with glasses came in, this person is like a cigarette, everyone can only look at it if they look at it like a cigarette. If the smoke runs to see the third child, the third child is excited and smoked.

Xia Kui’s heart was injured by Bai’s hand and hurriedly caught up to apologize. However, Bai Hao entered the room very coldly and did not care about her. Xia Kui made the meat porridge and sent it to the white pheasant. The result was another cold eyes. The sad Xia Kui accidentally saw the book saying that the animal was very violent after the injury, and mistakenly thought that the white cock was also angry for this reason, and hurried into his room. Seeing the white sputum because of the inflammation of the wound caused a fever, Xia Kui rushed to find medicine to bandage him. But what she didn’t expect was that the awakened white not only did not apologize, but also bluntly said that she was only for the spiritual beads. Only after Xia Kui’s angry departure, Bai Hao was sighed and sighed.

A few days later, Xia Kui and Bai Yu, safe to the massage shop opened by Mr. Yimou. Boss told Bai Hao that after his eyes were put back, he accidentally discovered that the cat demon woman had been secretly monitoring them on the casino day. The white cockroach did not put it in his heart, thinking that the cat demon was just a gambler.

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