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The Life of the White Fox Episode 6

When Tu Shan was moving forward, the glass ball on his body fell to the ground. A woman picked it up and said that she was almost the same size. Tu Shan’s face flashed amazed and couldn’t help but step back. He already saw that the woman’s body was a cat demon. The cat demon used Mu Ran to threaten Tu Shan to find a way to get the spirit beads. On the surface of the cedar, he agreed to the cat demon’s request, and secretly contacted the white scorpion with the fox secret technique .

However, at this time, Bai Hao is playing games with Xia Kui and others. Although he received a request for help from Tu Shan, he was interrupted without hearing clearly. When the spirit beads of the summer sunflower were changed, they realized that Tu Shan was dead. Xia Kui heard the scent of Tu Shan completely dissipated, and his face could not help but reveal a sad look.

When I came to find Xia Kui safely, I saw the white cockroach unexpectedly. I was immediately attracted by his handsomeness and kept staring at him with fiery eyes. Xia Kui worried that he was angry and hurriedly took the safety away. When they were studying self-study, they suddenly had a blackout. When they went downstairs, they told the story about the summer. They said that there was a monster named Mr. Yimu in the experimental building, which scared the summer sunflower. Ping An apologizes to send Xia Kui home. In fact, I want to see the white pheasant. The two of them went halfway. The electric car has no electricity. It can only be pushed away. A blind person came to the face and asked Xia Kui to call out the spirit beads. Xia Kui dropped the electric car, pulled the safe and ran in the opposite direction, and ran to an alley to hide in. Xia Kui quickly called Bai Hao for help. The white pheasant appeared, and it was another sentence of my people who dared to shake the person, and the blind man was scared. Ping An asked who was coming. Xia Kui discovered that the eyes of Ping An could not be seen at this time. The blind man confessed that he was safely in his own poisonous fog and could never be seen.

Ping An scared and fainted, and the two brought the blind back home. Bai Yu guessed that the blind man was a single Mr. Wu, this is the third child, Xia Kui is anxious to ask how to detoxify, the third answer is only the boss In order to detoxify, but the boss is gone, the third child talked about the reasons for their separation. It turns out that Mr. Wu’s five brothers are all five brothers. They use the same eye and one eye. The white singer said that Mr. Wu is a gambler. Although they only have one eye, this eye is the eye of the five elements. Everything in the world, the other four, one ear spirit, one fangs, one touch is sensitive, one is strong and the other is well-developed, and the five people are abducted and cooperated with each other. Ten years ago, five people won one eye from the casino. The four invisible brothers discussed the use of this eye in turn. Suddenly one day the eyes disappeared. Everyone suspected that the other party took the eyes away, so they hit One.

Nanjiao appeared, the third child heard the voice of Nanjiao, Nanjiao thought that the third child is his own fan, which knows that the third child likes to play Nanjiao’s smoke ten years ago, Nanjiao turned out photos. For everyone to see, everyone has different expressions. The third child said that it was because he saw the smoke and delayed his eyes. Later, everyone gradually began to suspicion each other. After the scene, everyone wanted to find the boss to preside over justice. Only then did the boss and the eyes disappear, and no more. The boss has no tacit understanding and trust, and everyone goes their own way.

After Si Chen went to Xia Kui, he found that the compass kept turning. Xia Kui said generously that he was a monster besides himself and his peace, and told Shi Chen why he appeared here. Sichen knew that they couldn’t beat them at all. They could only make a decision in their hearts to decide to accept the day sooner or later.

Everyone came to the casino of the demon world and successfully found the boss who was cleaning here. It turned out that he had lost both eyes because of gambling, and he was used by the casino to make a casino camera. In order to prevent the brothers from quarreling, he planned to win back one eye for everyone in the casino, but he lost his freedom. Several brothers listened to the big brother’s remarks, and suddenly cried out with blame, and the previous dissatisfaction also vanished.

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