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The Life of the White Fox Episode 5

After escaping from the mall, Xia Kui came to the grandfather’s shop with a white donkey . Grandpa Hao has always liked Xia Kui and gave her the last few youth groups in the store. However, Xia Kui knew that Grandpa’s business was not easy, and he quietly put the money into his pocket. The white pheasant is a bit strange, and I don’t understand why Xia Kui, who has always been slamming, will take the initiative to give money. However, after Xia Kui’s explanation, she gave her a different view of her.

When the two were ready to see Tu Shan, they were stopped by a young man holding a compass. The young man claimed to be Si Chen, and he thought that Xia Kui had a strong demon, and whispered to her that she had a fox monster nearby. Seeing the change of Xia Kui’s face, one side of the white sorrow did not care. After Si Chen left, she told her that Si Chen was just a singer who did not open the eye. However, after seeing Sichen in the distance, Tu Shan, who called Sichen, called Xia Kui to say that he had something to leave first.

Mo Ran went to Xia Kui to help, and painted Tu Shan about it. The two were in the coffee shop, and Mo Ran and Tu Shan confessed. Tu Shan was very excited and went to her house for dinner on the summer. Xia Kui saw the white scorpion playing a somatosensory game at home. How curious how Baidu would shop online, Bai Hao took out a bank card and said it was given by Nanjiao.

Mu Ran came to Tu Shan’s home. Tu Shan told Mo Ran that there was a small secret in this house. Let Mu Ran look for it, and Tu Shan went to the kitchen himself. Mo Ran found a diary of Tu Fu from the bookshelf. When he opened it, he saw that he was the one who painted the cedar. It recorded the bits and pieces about himself. Tu Shan came out from the kitchen, and Mo Ran kept Tu Shan from behind. Tu Shan turned and looked at Mo Ran. Mo Ran told her that I found someone I loved. At this time, Tu Shan’s own body. The fox tail was exposed, and Mo Ran saw that he retreated backwards and panicked. He asked Pan Tuo exactly what it was. Mo Ran picked up the glass ball on the shelf, and Tu Fu saw that he said that he was looking for this, and I said that I liked Mo Ran very early. Mo Ran threw the bottle with the glass ball on the ground, don’t smear it, and painted a glass ball with a heartache, and looked at Mo Ran hiding in the corner of the sofa.

At this time, Xia Kui and Si Chen met at the same time in Tushan’s downstairs. Sichen told Xia Kui that there was a fox demon. Xia Kui called the security guard to drive Si Chen away. Xia Kui went upstairs. When I came to Tushan’s house, the house was dark and lacquered, and the lights were bright. Xia Kui saw Mo Ran in the corner and looked at Tu Shan. Tu Shan admitted that he was a fox. Xia Kui instinctively wants to turn and flee, Tu Shan advised her not to be in vain. Tu Shan asked Xia Kui to take down the Lingzhu, Xia Kui refused, and one hand hid behind him to dial the white mobile phone. Bai Hao picked up the phone and heard that Tu Shan wanted to grab the spirit beads, and dropped the toy gun in his hand. .

In order to achieve his wish, Tu Fu, who is difficult to get close to the Lingzhu, intends to kill Xia Kui. At the time of the crisis, the white card that received the call finally arrived, and the uniform will be painted. Xia Kui looked at Tu Shan and was about to die in vain, hurriedly stopped him. After Tu Shan’s explanation, the two talents knew that Tu Shan and Mo Ran knew each other from an early age. However, the white cricket has no help but to warn Tu Shan, and the shemale loves to reduce the lifespan, and even the life is screaming. And Xia Kui also realized that his recent physical changes are likely to be affected by the day.

When the two went back, Sichen suddenly not only came in, but yelled at his wife while jumping in from the window. Looking at the misplaced look of Xia Ke, Si Chen explained that only the girl who can see the cage can become the wife of the demon. The shameful and angry Xia Kui ignored the unreasonable troubles of Si Chen and also threw his cage out.

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