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The Life of the White Fox Episode 4

In order to help Baiji and Xia Kui , Nanjiao used his own contacts to find a lot of demon from the demon world to lose the aura to Lingzhu. In the morning, he injected 19 auras into Lingzhu. And in order to increase the chance to get along with the day, I also want to rent the warehouse in the home of Xia Kui. For the rent, Xia Kui not only promised to rent the warehouse to her, but also created an opportunity for her to be alone with Bai Yu.

Xia Kui, with shampoo and other toiletries, teaches the white to identify. While taking a shower, Xia Kui hurriedly called Nanjiao to come over. However, Xia Kuang just smugly hangs up and looks at the showered white cockroach and walks out with her underwear, and asks her how to use it. Xia Kui was furious and rushed to grab the underwear, and the result fell to the white scorpion. She saw the furry tail behind the white scorpion and couldn’t help but touch it. Because of the attack on sensitive places, Bai Yan also flashed a trace of unnaturalness. After a while, Nanjiao arrived, Xia Kui saw wearing a sexy Nanjiao, and actually had a nosebleed.

Xia Kui is giving Nanjiao room, suddenly feels a stomachache, came to the bathroom and found himself coming to the aunt, Xia Kui wondered that she had only been there last week. Since the encounter with white peony, there have been many strange changes in the body of Xia Kui, the growth rate of nails has increased, and the amount of rice has become abnormally large. During the class, Xia Kui’s stomach screamed, and the school cafeteria, Xia Kui, even ate 5 bowls of rice.

Bai Hao’s learning ability is amazing. I don’t know how to check the Internet from time to time. Only then did I know that I took the bath of Xia Kui yesterday. School books, Tu Shan and Xia Kui in the same place grab the seats to grab books, the original is to see the people you like in the best position, Xia Kui like Zhou Jing , Tu Shan like Zhou Jing’s good friend Mo Ran, two people Because they are secretly ill, they are sympathetic. Xia Kui let Tu Shan rest assured that he would also help Tu Shan chasing Mo Ran. At this time, Tu Shan saw the pearl beads worn on the neck of Xia Kui. The long nails were turned into the hands, and the summer sunflowers embraced the cedar. Tu Fu quickly hides his nails, and Xia Kui asks for more braised pork after he has applied the cedar, and Tu Shan readily agreed.

Xia Kui came to Zhou Jing and Mo Ran’s dormitory to pretend to look for Mo Ran, Xia Kui asked Zhou Jing, he had a friend who liked Mo Ran, and wanted to ask what kind of girls Mo Ran liked. Zhou Jing answered that Mo Ran likes mature points. The girl, Zhou Jing mistakenly thought that Xia Kui’s friend was her, and Xia Kui quickly explained that her friend was the little girl in the cafeteria.

Xia Kui and Tu Shan said that Mu Ran likes a mature woman. The two agreed to go shopping together at night. Xia Kui helped her dress up to the mature woman. Bai Hao looked at the shared position of the mobile phone and Xia Kui at the door of the house. While watching the intersection, I saw that Xia Kui was coming back, and quickly went home to play the game. Xia Kui entered the house, Bai Hao complained that Xia Kui came home late, Xia Kui brought braised pork to the white stork from the school cafeteria, and it was hot in the pot, only to find that there was no gas, and Xia Kui borrowed the mana heat of the day. When I got a meal, the white cockroach accidentally did not control the heat, and the braised pork was paste. Xia Kui decided to go shopping with the white pheasant and eat it by the way. Xia Kui let the white robes change the costumes. When she saw the cover of the fashion magazine on the coffee table, she asked if Xia Kui was IN, and Xia Kui turned her head and looked at it. I have already changed into a handsome and handsome costume.

In the car, the white hair that cut the hair and put on a modern outfit is very handsome, attracting the attention of many other women in the car. From time to time, someone takes out a mobile phone to take pictures. After getting off the bus, the two came to the commercial pedestrian street. Looking at the bustling market, Bai Yu couldn’t help but tell Xia Kui about the ancient market scene. And Xia Kui looked at the white smoke of the fireworks, and suddenly there was a strange feeling in my heart.

Because the time agreed with Tu Shan has not arrived, Xia Kui simply took the day to play in the game hall. Bai Hao ate on a doll machine, and Xia Kui kindly comforted him that it was a set machine. The day was not satisfied, and the technique used a few dolls for the summer sunflower. The happy Xia Kui took him to experience VR. I didn’t expect Bai Yu to make the lion presented in VR a real thing. Even the use of the technique broke the TV in the mall.

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