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The Life of the White Fox Episode 2

In order to prevent the lord from falling into the hands of others, Bai Hao went home with Xia Kui . What I did not think of Xia Kui was that Bai Yu also occupied her bedroom. Xia Kui in desperation, can only come to the living room to sleep with a quilt. The retreat of the day has been cultivated for thousands of years, and everything in modern society is full of unknowns and curiosity. He looked at the electric appliance in the home of Xia Kui and ate the food made by the summer sunflower. The look on his face became more and more amazing.

The next day, when Xia Kui went back to the bedroom to sort out the room, she found that the white cockroaches had all opened their private items on the bed, and suddenly they were ashamed and angry. However, she had no choice but to take the white cockroach and only bite her teeth to collect things. Bai Hao reminded Xia Kui that she had only one day left for her. Xia Kui wrote a list of wishes and decided to confess to the long-lost seniors on this last day. However, her elaborate dressing was ridiculed like a ghost.
Xia Kui opened the window and was almost entangled in the creeping creeper. The screaming white scream appeared out of thin air. One finger, the ivy was shrunk instantly. It turned out to be a five-year-old creeper, and it also came for the robbing of the pearl.

The peony flower demon Nanjiao is also a thousand-year-old goblin. In modern times, it is a famous movie star. When the filming gap returns to the dressing room, the avatar of the man appears to report Nanjiao. This action failed to take Lingzhu back. Nan Jiao was angry, but unexpectedly learned from his mouth that the protection of Xia Kui to stop them from winning the spirit beads is actually the white plaque that they have been looking for.

Xia Kui rides an electric car to go to school. Bai Yu sits in the back seat and screams all the way. After getting off at the school gate, the white stun is so stunned that he can’t stand. Xia Kui had five meat pancakes at the school gate for the white pheasant, and the stall owner finally slammed it.
Xia Kui also wants to discuss with Bai Hao to give himself more time, but Bai Hao refuses. Xia Kwai’s mobile phone rang, and Bai Hao’s alert flew up. Xia Kui came to the classroom to find Zhou Jing , and the classmate told Xia Kui to go to the film. Bai Hao alone saw the students playing football on the playground, lamenting that the Chinese people’s skills in the past millennium did not advance.

Xia Kui rushed to the scene of the filming and watched Zhou Jing, who was in the group, committing a flower idiot. At the scene of the filming, a group performance was temporarily recruited. Nanjiao saw Xia Kui wearing Lingzhu. He suggested that the director selected Xia Kui, and he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to grab the spirit beads. Xia Kui changed clothes and looked for Zhou Jing. Zhou Jing cares about Xia Kui’s father, Xia Kui’s face is question mark. It’s the last time he climbed the mountain safely. In order to make Zhou Jing’s impression on Xia Kui, he lied to Xia Kui’s father to pay for debts. Sell ​​the kidneys. Xia Kui wants to confess with Zhou Jing, and Zhou Jing has made an appointment for a while and has a story to tell him.

In order to snatch the spirit beads, Nan Jiao secretly let the director add a play. Down at the request of the director, the pressure was lifted, but the result was the hands and feet of Nanjiao. Seeing that Xia Kui is in danger due to the pressure break, the white scorpion caught the rope in time.
The appearance of the daylight made Nanjiao fall into a sluggish moment. I don’t know if I faced this sweetheart who missed the millennium. Bai Hao did not think so much, took the initiative to go to Nanjiao and talk to her before. Bai Hao accepted the nine-link that Nanjiao handed him, and told her about her past millennium. Nanjiao heard that the white cockroaches had been destroyed by the summer sunflower for thousands of years. I couldn’t help but shed tears and said the idea that I wanted to be with him. However, Bai Hao simply refused her affection, saying that she wanted to fly, in order to meet with the birds. Looking at the white enamel that left only a cherished treasure, Nan Jiao could not help but cry.

Zhou Jing took the Xia Kui, who had sprained his foot, to the side to rest. He was saddened by the loss of her life. Xia Kui mouth to deal with, my heart is also very curious why Bai Hao why save himself.

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