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The First Goddess Kitchen in Ancient Times

The First Goddess Kitchen in Ancient Times (Novel)
Other Name: 古代第一女神厨

Genre: novel
Author: Qi Xiaoqi
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Su Qingxue Mo Xuanjing. Su Qingxue had a dream of a chef since she was a child. After she grew up, she did not expect to work as a chef assistant for three years. After an accidental fall in the bathroom, he went across. In ancient times, I met my beloved, and I grew up to become the chef of my dream step by step, cooking favorite meals for my beloved…

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Su Batian thought that he had two daughters in total. If they were both married to Mo Xuanjing, wouldn’t he be a bit at a loss?

Although it is said that Mo Xuanjing is now the love of the emperor and the empress and she is very pampered, but no one can guarantee that Mo Xuanjing will always be pampered. In case of any accident, he has other things. Choice, so he would prevent Su Qingyi from marrying Mo Xuanjing.

“The prime minister does not have to worry about this matter. This king will definitely give Tsing Yi a status, and will never let Tsing Yi follow this king like this.”

Mo Xuanjing said, and then took a gentle look at Su Qingyi.

“Well, even if the old minister agrees, the emperor and the empress will not agree, so the prince still should not have any dealings with Tsing Yi.”

Su Batian thought that since he couldn’t directly reject Mo Xuanjing’s words, he would move out of the emperor and empress empress, so that it would not be his own business.

“The prime minister doesn’t need to think about this matter. This king will make it clear to the father and the queen, and he will definitely let the father and the queen agree. After all, now Tsing Yi…”

Mo Xuanjing glanced at Su Qingyi, and then said directly: “With this king’s child, this king will not let Tsing Yi be wronged.”

Su Batian heard Mo Xuanjing’s words and stood up directly from his chair, staring at Mo Xuanjing and asked, “What did the prince just say?”

Su Batian thought he had heard it wrong, how could this happen.

“Father, I really have the prince’s child, dad, you will complete the daughter and the prince?”

Su Qingyi directly knelt in front of Su Batian and said in a low voice.

Su Batian didn’t expect Su Qingyi to be so self-loving, so he raised his hand and slapped Su Qingyi.

“The prime minister, what are you doing? If you feel angry, then you can send it to this king, don’t embarrass Tsing Yi.”

Mo Xuanjing didn’t expect that Su Batian would hit Su Qingyi, and he went forward and hugged Su Qingyi in his arms, looking upright. He just didn’t expect Su Batian would do it, otherwise, he would definitely stop him. , It would be a little distressed to look at Su Qingyi’s red cheeks.

“Does it hurt?”

Mo Xuanjing looked at Su Qingyi’s cheek distressedly. If he could, he would rather hit his face with the slap instead of Su Qingyi’s face.

Su Qingyi directly covered her cheeks and shook her head, then looked at Su Batian and said, “Father, my daughter knows you are angry. My daughter doesn’t blame my dad for hitting me, as long as my dad can agree to her daughter to marry the prince.”

Su Qingyi covered her cheek with her hand, and her mother-in-law looked at Su Batian with tears.

Su Batian saw that things had become like this, and there was no room for change. Even if he didn’t agree, Su Qingyi now has Mo Xuanjing’s child, so it’s definitely impossible to marry someone else, except if he agrees. There is no other way.

“The veteran begged the prince to treat Tsing Yi well, as well as the fact that Tsing Yi is pregnant, but also ask the prince not to publicize it. After all, this will damage the reputation of Tsing Yi and it will be bad for the reputation of the prince.”

“This matter is what the prime minister does not say, this king will do the same, but also ask the prime minister to promise this king not to hurt Tsing Yi, otherwise, the prime minister should know what this king will do.”

After Mo Xuanjing finished speaking, he pulled Su Qingyi to his feet, and said distressedly: “Tsing Yi, you follow my king back to the mansion, this king is not worried that you are here.”

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