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Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 5

Lu Xiang returned to the rental house and found a mess in the house. Tang Shi is sitting happily on the ground playing games. Lu Xiang hopes that Tang Shi can take turns to do his duty. Lu Xiang is advising Tang poetry. Li Hailiang called him and asked him to come to the school as soon as possible. Lu Yin phase rushed to the school. Li Hailiang and Qin Song sang and sang the story of Lu Yin and Si Naiqi’s fist. The deer connected with the sound blamed for the deer. Tao has planned to do everything he can to make the deer become a trainer for a short time. Teacher Sinui used to be a professional boxer and was a famous steel boxer in school. The deer can’t help but worry about the deer.

Tang Shi’s classmates sent a winning photo of the deer from the United States. Tang Shi discovered the photo of the deer from the inside, but did not find the shadow of the deer. She took the photo to question the deer, and the deer had a strong explanation. The Tang poetry saw it and got up and left. Tang Shi took the photo to find the manager, and told the question in his heart. The manager has doubts in his heart. The manager deliberately arranged for a deer’s inauguration, and he wanted to reveal the identity of the deer by the reception.

Lu Xiang came to the dormitory and took out three invitations for the reception. He wants Li Hailiang and Qin Song to help themselves. The two are nearing graduation, and they are nowhere to see the world. Lu Xiang made a fuss for the inaugural speech, and Qin Song took the initiative to ask for it. Deer is playing a game of life, and when he hears the deer, he blurted out a fine short story. This can not help but let the deer phase have an interest.

Lu Xiang thought that the deer had recovered his memory and wanted the deer to repeat the words just now, but found that the deer had already forgotten everything. 姥姥 often called the deer to call the brothers. The deer told the deer that the deer, the deer stag deer did not report the worry because of the news, the brothers decided to lie together.

In order to train the deer, Tao began the devil-style training. The deer is very active and very cooperative with the devil coach. When Tang Shi went to check the list of people attending the reception, he found a stranger, Pinocchio. She found the case and asked about it. Bai Yan quietly told her that this was the mysterious guest invited by the manager. It is said that the deer was old in the United States. Classmates. Tang Shiyi suddenly understood.

Tang Shi did not agree with Zong’s manager’s arrangement. She found the manager and accused the manager of doing so would have a negative impact on the company. In order to uncover the identity of the deer, the manager decided to use whatever means. Tang Shi looked around for deer, and finally found a deer in the men’s bathroom. She told the deputy of the manager’s arrangement. Lu Xiang is working hard on the inaugural speech. He heard Tang poetry say this, thinking that Tang poetry in order to expose himself to the special arrangements, can not help but accuse the Tang poems, Tang poetry for their own defense, I hope that Lu Xiang can tell the truth, Lu Xiang always refused to reveal a sentence. Tang Shi advised him to be self-sufficient.

Lu Xiang heard that Pinocchio was an old classmate of Lu Yin, and he was a bit confused. He quietly found Li Hailiang and Qin Song to discuss the countermeasures, and the two men immediately wanted to withdraw. The deer blamed the two for not being friends. Li Hailiang worried that once the deer was exposed, the nature would change. Lu Xiang took out the prospect of employment as a bait, and confuse the two to promise to settle Pinocchio.

Lu Xiang’s plan is that half of the speech, Pinocchio will appear. Li Hailiang and Qin Song tried to stop Pinocchio in the audience and did not let Pinocchio approach himself. Lu Xiang thought that the plan was seamless, and knowing that Li Hailiang and Qin Song lost consecutively, Pinocchio successfully stepped onto the stage. He enthusiastically embraced the deer, and handed over the core secret of Dein’s development software to the deer. The deer saw it and was shocked. When Li Hailiang and Qin Song saw it, they couldn’t help but feel a sigh of relief.

When the manager saw it, he couldn’t help but be confused. He also came to participate in the inauguration of Lu Yin. Seeing this scene, he seems to have some understanding of the unreasonable cooperation letter of intent that Lu Xiang gave him. But in order to test the deer, he deliberately told the secretary to faint in public. When the deer saw it, he quickly went to the rescue. Tang Shi quickly called the ambulance. The secretary woke up slowly.

The next day, Tang Shi still refused to believe in deer, she deliberately referred to the mulberry in front of the deer, and wanted to force the deer to check out. I know that the deer is the opposite and threatens the Tang poetry with the same renting house. Pinocchio thought that all this was a deliberate arrangement for the deer. In the dormitory, the deer received a phone call from Pinocchio, and a little bit of a monk was puzzled.

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