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Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 2

Lu Yin equals Lu Xiang because they came to the skydiving scene, and the scene reappeared again. The memory of the deer was explained in detail. I know that the deer actually thought that he was a deer. Everyone saw it and was weak. Lu Xiang, with the advice of Li Hailiang and others, took deer to the hospital for electrotherapy. I know that the deer has been screaming in the electrotherapy room, and has dug up everything from small to large, and still can’t figure out who he is. The deer couldn’t bear to suffer because of suffering, determined to take responsibility, and insisted on taking the deer back home.

Lu Xiang came to the company, Tang Shi told him that the head office sent a document to his mailbox, I hope he will send it as soon as possible. Luhan did not know the email password of Luin. It was a headache. He decided to impersonate Tang Shi’s showdown and went to the Tang Shi’s office to find out the tone. The poems of Tang Shi’s righteous words are scared and deer. Lu Xiang thought hard and thought about the way to deal with the company’s business with deer. He went to Li Hailiang and Qin Song to discuss the two, who knows that the two are worrying about the medical expenses of the deer, Qin Song is because of the use of public funds headache. Lu Xiang told the two people that as long as they settled the brother company, everything was not a matter, and the two listened to the savior.

Lu Xiang went to the company with Lu Yin. The people in the company saw great curiosity. Lu Yin came to the computer with Lu Xiang, and hoped to use the memory of the specific environment to guide the retrieval of the mailbox password. Due to the habitual operation of the computer, the deer easily entered the mailbox, and the deer accidentally discovered that the mailbox password turned out to be the mother’s birthday. Lu Xiang has the help Lu Yin go directly to the sofa to do a dream. After the deer was busy, the girl fell asleep on the office chair. Tang Shi has been a part-time secretary of Luhan. When she came in, she found that they were sleeping and were furious. Tang Shi accused Lu Xiang of using his authority to let Lu Yin announce internal secrets. Where the deer is willing to take it, take out the manager’s shelf and criticize the Tang poem. The deer was full of praise for seeing it.

Li Hailiang and Qin Song took out their own meals and raised medical expenses for the deer. The two men started a part-time job for express delivery. Li Hailiang and Qin Song initiated a complaint. The deer came to find two people. He wanted to quietly arrange the deer into the school, and he could run the errands for two people in private. The deer came to the dormitory with the deer, and the people in the dormitory heard that they were surrounded by the deer, and the deer brought the deer to introduce it. Because the deer wants to know the former self from the classmates, the classmates have said a word to me, pointing out the streaks of the deer. After listening to the deer for a long time, the deer finally had a look. It turned out that the former self was the superhero of the campus.

Dormitory manager Tian Ayi checked the bed and accidentally saw the deer. The deer claimed to be deer. Tian Ayi is not familiar with the deer, let the deer show his student ID. Lu Yin told her that the student card had just been lost. Tian Ayi did not believe that he had to take the deer to the Academic Affairs Office. Li Hailiang and Qin Song quickly said good things. After the deer stood in the crowd, they threw everyone to say good things to the deer, and Tian Ayi did not care. The deer saw the phone quietly and gave the message to Tao. Tao stood upstairs and shouted for a guarantee for the deer, and Tian Ayi saw it, and that was gone.

The deer stayed in the dormitory and the deer squeezed for a night. The next day, he received a call from Tang Shi and hurried away. Tang Shi informed Lu Xiang that he arrived at the company’s regular meeting at nine o’clock, and Lu Xiang did not catch up. In the company, Tang Shi told Lu Xiang in person, she has reported to the company truthfully about the work of Lu Xiang, and repeatedly said that these things do not need to report to the deer. The deer saw it and hated the roots.

In large, the stockings of girls’ quarters were frequently stolen. Yu Qi’s stockings were stolen again. When I went to the balcony to look at it, I accidentally found that my stockings were stolen. After seeing the Tao, he took a baseball bat and took roommates such as You Qi to the male dormitory to search one by one. The deer came out of the bathroom and heard about it and quickly returned to the dormitory. It turned out that he saw a pair of female growth stockings on a roommate’s bed.

When Lu was trying to hide his socks, he was hiding his stockings in his waist. At this time, Tao took someone to look over, she went forward to seek the advice of the deer, the deer because of hiding things, the body did not dare to move, had no choice but to nod. The girls searched for something and found no abnormalities, ready to leave. The deer turned and sent, and Tao unexpectedly saw the stockings of the deer in the leg of the trousers. The deer was bungee and quickly denied it.

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