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Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 1

Lu Yin (Liang Dawei), a returnee elite, a perfectionist, will return to China as the project manager of the domestic blood orange mutual entertainment company. He and his brother deer are in love with each other.

Lu Xiang (Yu Yu ornaments), freshmen of track and field sports, free to live freely, love sports, and better at games, he and his brother’s rigorous personality is the opposite. A paragliding campaign is taking place in a cloudless city. In order to prove to the society the physical education spirit and ability of the sports school, Lu Xiang and several classmates decided to indulge in the sky over the city. Because Lu want to avoided the blind date then he ask younger brother to changed his identity. He was brave enough to brave the paragliding and brave.

Lu Xiang was ordered to be blind after returning to China and he replaced his brother and went to a coffee shop. The girl was dressed up with a doll, and she sneered at Lu Xiang. Lu Xiang is unceremoniously tit-for-tat. There is live broadcast at the skydiving site. The deer was a little nervous. He called his brother. The deer quickly comforted his brother and encouraged him to indulge. Under the auspices of classmate Li Hailiang, Lu was concentrating on jumping. How do you know that the wind has changed a lot? The deer is unfavorable, the head is out of control, and the deer is in a coma. Li Hailiang and others quickly sent the deer to the hospital.

In the coffee shop, Lu Xiang eyes on the mobile phone and stares at the live room. Even if he doesn’t even look at the other side, the girl sees it like a donkey. When Luhan saw his brother in distress, he immediately got up and left. The girl saw the deer and ignored him. He was indignant and wanted to teach the deer. The deer had left unceremoniously.

Lu Yin entered the emergency room, and the female students complained Li Hailiang. The doctor came out to explain the hospitalization procedure, and the deer looked at the large hospitalization fee and quickly found someone to raise money. Li Hailiang and others saw each other and helped out.

Tang Shi (Mao Xiaolan), HR senior manager of Blood Orange Mutual Entertainment Company, she is a doll girl who was blind in the early morning. Tang Shi was dressed in white collar and walked into the company. The company is busy with chickens and dogs. Zong manager is standing in the company and shouting loudly. It turns out that the deer returned to China today and the head office sent him to negotiate. But the deer disappeared because of the plane. When the manager saw it, he was so anxious to turn around. When Tang poetry saw it, he came to the office and quickly contacted Lu Yin. No one answered the phone. Tang poetry remembered that the object of the blind date and the deer had the same name and the same name, and he quickly denied it.

The manager can’t find the trace of the deer (Lu), and analyzes that the deer has just returned to China and his face is unfamiliar. He intends to find someone in the company to replace the deer to negotiate. Tang poetry saw the situation, and everyone in the company was approved for bruises, pointing out that no one can replace the highly educated and experienced deer.

I always took my hand down. At the negotiating table, he named the surname to negotiate with Lu. Zong Manager and Tang Shi quickly introduced several of the company’s elites to the general manager. He always ignored it and decided not to see the deer because he did not give up.

The deer has stabilized due to the situation. Lu Xiang did not want the brothers to exchange their identity and leaked out, and quickly let Li Hailiang and others evade the school to report lightly. The deer was ringing because of the mobile phone. Li Hailiang and others advised him to connect the phone so as not to delay the cause of the deer.

He always waited anxiously. Tang Shi kept calling the deer because of the phone call. After the deer was connected, he remembered his brother’s return to the country. In order to avoid things, he decided to pretend to be a brother.

I was so impatient, I got up on the spot and got up. Zong always chased the company with Tang Shi and others, and even apologized. Lu Xiang came over by taxi and bumped into the unfortunate disappearance of the deer. When the deer saw each other, they came over and persuaded the monk in a few words. Tang Shi and Lu Xiang recognized each other in the crowd, and Tang poetry was a bit embarrassing. When the deer saw it, there was a ripple in my heart. Tang Shi believes that the deer’s dress is too casual, and then bring the deer to change dress. The deer’s slender figure came out, and Tang Shi couldn’t help but look at it.

Lu Xiang discovered the company’s gaming experience hall and was very happy. He asked Tang Shi to bring Mr. Yan to the game hall and talk about cooperation projects. Tang poetry saw it and only rolled his eyes. When the deer sees each other, they don’t mind saying that they have their own ideas.

Lu Xiang is also a game master, he took out the skills, killing the squad, the film is not left, and he is always convinced. He always agreed to invest. Zong manager and others saw each other, and each of them admired the deer. Tang Shi asked Lu Xiang to go through the formalities of entry, and Lu Xiang quickly found an excuse to slip.

Lu Yin returned to the hospital and muttered to his brother. He hopes that his brother will wake up quickly and everything will return to normal. Li Hailiang and others came to visit Lu Yin, and they heard about the deer’s things and they were proud. The next day, Lu Xiang was almost late for riding a bicycle to work. The staff of the company saw him and came to care for him. The deer worried that Bai Hao looked down on him and deliberately took the owner of the bicycle. Bai Hao listened to my heart.

Lu Xiang came to the company’s gaming experience and planned to play enough. Tang poetry came over to stop him. Lu Xiang said that Tang poetry had promised yesterday. Tang poetry has nothing to say. Tang Shi learned about the habits of the deer, prepared low-calorie food for the deer, and told the deer of the day. Deer Xiangyi heard some heads. He wants Tang poetry to prepare sports costumes for him, and to play with it in the game experience.

Lu Xiangzheng was able to play hard, and he always sent him away and asked him to participate in the reality show. After learning about the incident, Zong Zong analyzed the meaning of the drunkard. So, he and Tang Shi quickly came to the company of the company. The deer watched the performance absently. Originally, Li Hailiang called him and asked him to rush back to the school to participate in a sports meeting this afternoon to prove the consequences of the last skydiving. Lu Xiang is trying to get out of the way, he always pulls him, wants to buy deer with heavy money, deer Xiang refused to intervene, Zong Zong and Tang Shi came, 刁 always called the game beauty to surround the deer, deer Xiang slightly subtotal, take the opportunity I slipped away.

Lu Xiang participated in the sports meeting and returned to the company. The company has a lot of business waiting for the deer to sign. The deer saw the whole person grow up. When he got home from work, he found that the bicycle was unloaded and only the rear wheel was left. The white cock came to him and told him that this was what she did. The deer heard the hardships. Lu Yin returned to the hospital and complained to the brother on the bed again. He expected his brother to wake up early. The brothers had a heart and the deer got up from the bed.

The deer saw it and was pleasantly surprised. But he soon found his brother lost his memory. Lu Xiang found a doctor and asked why there was no result. Li Hailiang and others came to visit the deer, and the deer was short of memory and was noisy and noisy against Li Hailiang. Everyone saw the situation and offered advice. Tao suggested that the deer returned to the scene to find memories. So everyone returned to the skydiving scene with the deer.

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